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EVE Audio is a respected brand in the professional audio industry, known for designing and manufacturing high-quality studio monitors and subwoofers. Founded in 2011, the company has quickly gained recognition for its dedication to accurate sound reproduction and innovative technology. Here's an overview:

  1. Studio Monitors: EVE Audio specializes in active studio monitors that offer precise and transparent sound reproduction for recording, mixing, and mastering applications.

  2. Air Motion Transformer (AMT) Technology: One of EVE Audio's key features is the use of AMT tweeters, which provide a faster response and improved clarity compared to traditional dome tweeters.

  3. Range of Models: EVE Audio offers a variety of monitor sizes and configurations to cater to different room sizes and acoustic environments.

  4. DSP Control: Many EVE Audio monitors include DSP (Digital Signal Processing) features that allow users to fine-tune the monitor's performance to match their room acoustics and personal preferences.

  5. High-Quality Components: EVE Audio utilizes high-quality drivers, amplifiers, and cabinet materials to ensure accurate and reliable performance.

  6. Subwoofers: EVE Audio also offers subwoofers that complement their monitors, extending the low-frequency response and enhancing the overall monitoring experience.

  7. Bass Port Design: The brand employs proprietary bass port designs that contribute to accurate low-frequency reproduction and reduce port noise.

  8. Professional Applications: EVE Audio monitors are trusted by audio professionals, including recording engineers, producers, and sound designers, for critical listening and decision-making.

  9. Transparency: EVE Audio's commitment to accuracy and transparency ensures that users can hear the nuances in their audio content, leading to better mixing and mastering results.

  10. Global Presence: EVE Audio products are used in studios worldwide, reflecting their reputation for quality and performance.

Overall, EVE Audio's focus on precision, innovative technology, and providing tools for accurate sound monitoring has positioned them as a respected choice for professionals who require reliable and transparent audio reproduction in their creative work.


This is the Focal Professional philosophy. These professional monitors are conveived right from the first stages of R&D to reporduce the sound signal without distorsion.

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