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sE Electronics (Sound Engineering Electronics) is a respected brand known for designing and manufacturing high-quality microphones and studio equipment. Established in 2000 by Siwei Zou, sE Electronics has gained recognition in the professional audio industry. Here's an overview:

  1. Microphone Range: sE Electronics offers a diverse range of microphones for studio recording, live sound, and broadcast applications.

  2. Condenser Microphones: The brand is particularly acclaimed for its condenser microphones that provide detailed and transparent sound reproduction.

  3. Ribbon Microphones: sE Electronics is known for producing ribbon microphones that capture warm and vintage-inspired tones.

  4. Dynamic Microphones: Their dynamic microphones cater to various needs, from vocal recording to instrument amplification.

  5. Capsule Technology: sE Electronics employs advanced capsule technology and innovative designs to ensure high-quality audio capture.

  6. Rupert Neve Collaboration: The sE Electronics RNT microphone is a result of a collaboration with legendary audio engineer Rupert Neve, known for its exceptional sound quality.

  7. Sustainable Practices: The brand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability by using responsibly sourced materials and reducing environmental impact.

  8. Artist Collaborations: sE Electronics collaborates with artists like Rupert Neve and V7 MC1 to create signature microphones tailored to their preferences.

  9. Shock Mounts and Accessories: In addition to microphones, sE Electronics produces high-quality shock mounts, pop filters, and other accessories.

  10. Global Presence: sE Electronics has a global presence and is used by professionals and enthusiasts in recording studios, live events, and broadcasting setups worldwide.

Overall, sE Electronics has made a mark in the professional audio industry with its dedication to crafting microphones that offer exceptional sound quality and innovative features, catering to the needs of a wide range of audio professionals.


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