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HeadRush is a brand known for its innovative guitar and bass multi-effects processors and pedalboard solutions. Established in 2016, HeadRush quickly gained recognition for its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly designs. Here's an overview:

  1. Multi-Effects Processors: HeadRush offers multi-effects processors that combine a wide range of amp simulations, effects, and features in a single unit.

  2. Touchscreen Interface: HeadRush processors feature a large touchscreen interface that allows intuitive navigation, preset management, and real-time control.

  3. Amp and Cabinet Modeling: The brand is known for its realistic amp and cabinet simulations that emulate iconic amplifier tones and speaker characteristics.

  4. Effects Library: HeadRush processors include a diverse selection of effects, from classic pedals to modern studio-quality processing.

  5. Looper Functionality: Many HeadRush devices come with built-in loopers, enabling musicians to create and layer loops for live performances and practice.

  6. Customization: HeadRush devices allow users to create and edit their own custom rigs, combining amps, effects, and signal chains.

  7. Gigboard and Pedalboard: The HeadRush Gigboard is a compact version of their larger multi-effects processor, offering portability and a similar feature set.

  8. Artist Presets: Some HeadRush products come with artist-created presets and tones, allowing users to replicate the sounds of well-known musicians.

  9. Connectivity: HeadRush devices offer a variety of connectivity options, including MIDI, USB, and expression pedal inputs.

  10. Live Performance: HeadRush processors are popular among gigging musicians who need versatile solutions that cover a wide range of tones and effects.

Overall, HeadRush has made a mark in the world of guitar and bass effects with its user-friendly interface, amp modeling, effects variety, and customization options, appealing to both experienced players and those looking to explore a wide sonic palette.


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