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Tech 21 is a well-regarded brand known for its innovative solutions in the field of guitar and bass amplification and effects. Founded in 1989 by Andrew Barta, the company has gained recognition for its unique analog technology and versatile products. Here's an overview:

  1. SansAmp Technology: Tech 21 gained prominence with its SansAmp pedals, which offer amp simulation and DI capabilities, allowing musicians to achieve various amp sounds without using an actual amplifier.

  2. Analog Emulation: Tech 21 is known for its analog circuitry that replicates the sound characteristics of classic amplifiers and effects pedals.

  3. SansAmp Character Series: The SansAmp Character Series provides a range of pedals that emulate the tonal qualities of specific amplifiers, from clean to overdriven.

  4. Fly Rig Series: The Fly Rig series combines multiple effects and amp simulation in a compact unit, ideal for gigging musicians seeking a portable setup.

  5. Bass Solutions: Tech 21 offers a variety of products catering specifically to bass players, including the Bass Driver DI and Bass Fly Rig.

  6. Acoustic Solutions: The Acoustic Fly Rig and Acoustic DI provide versatile tools for acoustic guitarists, offering effects, EQ, and DI capabilities.

  7. Collaborations: Tech 21 collaborates with renowned artists like Geddy Lee (Rush) and Richie Kotzen to create signature products tailored to their unique styles.

  8. Innovative Concepts: Tech 21's products are known for their creative design, blending amp modeling, effects, and DI functionalities in intuitive ways.

  9. Recording and Live Performance: Tech 21's products are suitable for both recording and live performance, offering flexibility and consistent sound quality.

  10. Global Recognition: Tech 21's innovative approach has earned the brand respect among guitarists, bassists, and recording professionals worldwide.

Overall, Tech 21 continues to provide musicians with tools that combine convenience, innovation, and analog authenticity, making them a trusted choice for achieving versatile tones and effects.


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