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Focal Professional, often referred to simply as Focal, is a renowned brand in the audio industry, known for its high-quality studio monitors and headphones designed for professional and audiophile use. Founded in 1979 by Jacques Mahul, Focal has established a strong reputation for its commitment to sonic accuracy and innovative engineering. Here's an overview:

  1. Studio Monitors: Focal Professional offers a range of studio monitors designed for accurate and precise audio monitoring during recording, mixing, and mastering tasks.

  2. Expert Series: Focal's Expert Series includes flagship studio monitors that incorporate advanced technology, such as Beryllium tweeters, for exceptional clarity and detail.

  3. Shape Series: The Shape series features innovative designs and materials to deliver accurate sound reproduction with a modern aesthetic.

  4. Solo6 and Twin6 Series: Focal's Solo6 and Twin6 series provide compact yet powerful monitor options suitable for small to mid-sized studios.

  5. Beryllium Tweeters: Focal is known for its use of Beryllium tweeters, which offer lightweight yet rigid diaphragms for precise high-frequency response.

  6. Subwoofers: Focal offers subwoofers that complement their monitors, providing extended low-frequency capabilities for critical listening environments.

  7. High-Quality Components: Focal utilizes high-quality drivers, amplifiers, and cabinet materials to ensure accurate sound reproduction and durability.

  8. Headphones: In addition to studio monitors, Focal produces high-end headphones known for their sonic accuracy and comfort.

  9. Innovative Technology: Focal incorporates innovative technologies such as Flax sandwich cone drivers and tuning adjustments for precise sound shaping.

  10. Professional Recognition: Focal Professional products are trusted by audio professionals, engineers, and producers for their accurate representation of audio content.

Overall, Focal Professional's commitment to precision, technological innovation, and delivering a true representation of audio content has made them a respected choice among professionals and enthusiasts seeking reliable tools for critical audio monitoring and enjoyment.


This is the Focal Professional philosophy. These professional monitors are conveived right from the first stages of R&D to reporduce the sound signal without distorsion.

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