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MONO Creators is a brand recognized for designing and producing high-quality bags and accessories for musicians and creative professionals. Founded in 2007, MONO is acclaimed for its stylish and functional designs that cater to the specific needs of artists on the go. The brand's product range includes instrument cases, backpacks, pedalboard bags, and studio gear storage solutions. MONO's products are crafted using durable materials and innovative construction techniques, ensuring protection and longevity. Their innovative "Top-Loading" design for instrument cases provides quick and easy access to gear, ideal for gigging musicians. The brand's M80 series of gig bags and pedalboard cases have gained popularity for their ruggedness and sleek aesthetics. MONO's commitment to quality and design has garnered a loyal following among musicians, DJs, and other creative professionals. Their products combine form and function, reflecting a deep understanding of the unique demands of musicians' lifestyles. MONO's dedication to innovation and stylish utility continues to make them a trusted name in gear transport solutions. Overall, MONO Creators offers well-crafted and visually appealing options to keep musical instruments and gear safe in transit.


This is the Focal Professional philosophy. These professional monitors are conveived right from the first stages of R&D to reporduce the sound signal without distorsion.

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Blending old world concepts and new world techniques,Zildjianhas evolved with both music and technology, continuing to innovate the process of cymbal...


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