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Midas is a British audio equipment manufacturer that is renowned for producing high-quality mixing consoles and audio processing equipment. The company has a rich history and has played a significant role in shaping the professional audio industry. Here's an overview of Midas:

  1. Heritage: Midas was founded in 1969 by Jeff Byers and Alex Cooper, and it quickly gained recognition for its exceptional mixing consoles.

  2. Analog Consoles: Midas became famous for its analog mixing consoles, known for their superior audio quality, transparent sound, and innovative designs.

  3. Legendary Consoles: The Midas brand gained iconic status with consoles like the Midas Heritage, XL4, and XL3, which were used by renowned engineers in live sound and studio environments.

  4. Digital Revolution: While rooted in analog, Midas transitioned into digital mixing with consoles like the PRO Series and the later M32 and M32R models.

  5. Integration and Features: Midas digital consoles often feature advanced processing, motorized faders, digital effects, remote control, and integration with DAWs.

  6. Proven in Live Sound: Midas consoles are commonly used in live sound environments for concerts, festivals, theaters, and broadcast events.

  7. Studio Applications: Midas consoles are also used in recording studios for mixing, tracking, and processing audio.

  8. Behringer Acquisition: In 2010, Midas was acquired by Behringer, a move that has influenced the direction and availability of the brand's products.

  9. Prosumer and Professional Range: Midas offers a range of consoles, catering to both professional touring sound engineers and more budget-conscious users.

  10. M32 Series: The M32 and M32R digital mixing consoles have gained popularity for their blend of Midas quality and more affordable pricing.

  11. Heritage-DX Series: Midas introduced the Heritage-DX series, which combines analog sound with digital connectivity.

  12. Global Presence: Midas mixing consoles are used worldwide in various applications, from concert tours to corporate events to broadcast.

Midas has a storied history as a pioneer in the audio industry, offering mixing consoles that have become synonymous with exceptional audio quality and engineering excellence. While the acquisition by Behringer has brought changes to the brand's product offerings and accessibility, Midas continues to be associated with professional audio excellence.


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