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Schecter Guitar Research, commonly known as Schecter Guitars, is an American guitar manufacturer founded in 1976. Originally known for producing high-quality replacement parts for existing guitars, the company eventually transitioned into crafting its own original instruments. Schecter Guitars is recognized for its diverse lineup of electric guitars and basses that cater to various musical genres and playing styles. Here's an overview:

  1. Custom Shop Origins: Schecter gained popularity by producing custom replacement parts and components for well-known guitar models, often enhancing their playability and sound.

  2. Electric Guitars: Schecter offers a wide range of electric guitar models, catering to genres such as rock, metal, blues, and more.

  3. Signature Models: Schecter collaborates with notable guitarists to create signature models that reflect the artists' preferences and playing styles.

  4. Extended Range Guitars: Schecter is known for its extended range guitars, including 7-string, 8-string, and even 9-string models, catering to modern metal and progressive players.

  5. Hellraiser and Blackjack Series: These series are popular among metal and rock players for their high-output pickups, dark aesthetics, and versatile tones.

  6. Sustainiac Technology: Some Schecter models feature Sustainiac pickups that provide infinite sustain and harmonic feedback for experimental playing.

  7. C-1 and Soloist Designs: The C-1 and Soloist designs are among Schecter's iconic models, known for their sleek shapes and versatile tonal capabilities.

  8. Acoustic Guitars: Schecter also offers a range of acoustic guitars that combine modern features with traditional designs.

  9. Bass Guitars: Schecter produces bass guitars with various configurations, catering to bassists in different genres.

  10. Global Presence: Schecter's guitars are used by musicians and enthusiasts worldwide, making them a recognized and respected brand.

  11. Quality and Craftsmanship: Schecter's commitment to quality has led to a reputation for well-constructed instruments that deliver reliable performance.

  12. Variety of Finishes: Schecter offers a wide array of finish options, allowing players to choose instruments that match their style.

Overall, Schecter Guitars' combination of custom shop origins, diverse guitar models, and commitment to serving various musical genres has positioned them as a popular choice among musicians seeking versatile and well-crafted instruments.


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