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EVH Guitars, or Eddie Van Halen Guitars, refer to a line of electric guitars and related products developed in collaboration with the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen and the music company Fender. Eddie Van Halen was known for his groundbreaking guitar playing and innovative techniques, and he played a significant role in shaping the sound of rock and heavy metal music.

The collaboration between Eddie Van Halen and Fender led to the creation of several iconic guitar models, with the most notable being the "Frankenstein" replica and the "Wolfgang" series. Here's some information about these guitars:

  1. Frankenstein Replica: Eddie Van Halen's original "Frankenstein" guitar was a homemade instrument that he put together himself, featuring a unique red, white, and black striped design. Fender later created an official replica of this guitar, featuring the distinctive striped finish, a custom-wound pickup, and other specifications that aimed to capture the essence of Eddie's original instrument.

  2. Wolfgang Series: The Wolfgang series of guitars was a collaboration between Eddie Van Halen and Fender's subsidiary, EVH Gear. These guitars were designed to Eddie's specifications and preferences. The Wolfgang series included various models, such as the Wolfgang Special, Wolfgang Standard, and Wolfgang USA, which offered different levels of features and price points. The guitars typically featured unique body shapes, high-quality components, and a focus on playability and tone.

  3. Striped Series: The Striped Series of EVH Guitars features instruments with the iconic striped design that Eddie Van Halen became known for. These guitars pay homage to his original "Frankenstein" guitar and are available in various color combinations.

  4. Accessories and Amplifiers: In addition to guitars, the EVH brand also produces a range of amplifiers, effects pedals, and other accessories that aim to replicate Eddie Van Halen's signature tone and style.

Eddie Van Halen's impact on the world of electric guitar playing cannot be overstated, and his collaboration with Fender's EVH brand brought his innovative designs and ideas to a wider audience. His passing in October 2020 marked the end of an era, but his influence on music and guitar playing continues to be felt by musicians and fans around the world.


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