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Kemper is a brand known for its innovative line of guitar amplifiers and profiler systems, particularly the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (KPA). Founded by Christoph Kemper in 2010, the company has gained recognition for its groundbreaking technology that allows guitarists to capture and replicate the tones of real amplifiers and effects units. Here's an overview:

  1. Kemper Profiling Amplifier (KPA): The KPA is the flagship product of Kemper, allowing guitarists to capture the sound and characteristics of real amplifiers, cabinets, and effects units through a process called profiling.

  2. Profiling Technology: Profiling involves capturing the sonic fingerprint of an actual amplifier setup and creating a digital replica that can be used with the Kemper amp.

  3. Versatility: The KPA enables users to store and recall numerous amp profiles, making it a versatile tool for recreating a wide range of tones.

  4. Amp Profiles: Kemper offers a vast library of profiles created by both the company and the user community, encompassing various amplifier models and genres.

  5. Live and Studio Use: The KPA is suitable for both live performances and studio recording, providing consistent and high-quality amp tones.

  6. Effects and Processing: In addition to amp profiling, the KPA offers a range of built-in effects and signal processing options for creating complete guitar rigs.

  7. Kemper Profiler Stage: The Profiler Stage is a floorboard version of the KPA, designed for live use and featuring built-in footswitches and controls.

  8. Artist Profiles: Kemper collaborates with renowned guitarists to create artist profiles that replicate the signature tones of iconic players.

  9. Digital Technology: Kemper's digital profiling technology captures the nuances of tube amplifiers and offers precise control over tonal characteristics.

  10. Global Impact: Kemper's profiling technology has had a significant impact on the guitar and music industry, providing a groundbreaking solution for capturing and replicating amplifier tones.

Overall, Kemper's innovative profiling technology has revolutionized the way guitarists approach amplification and tone recreation, offering a flexible and powerful tool for achieving a wide range of authentic and customizable guitar tones.


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