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sE Electronics

sE Electronics DynaCaster Dynamic Microphone

sE Electronics DynaCaster Dynamic Microphone

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Dynamic Studio/Broadcast microphone with built in Dynamite Pre-amp with 30db gain and 6 tone shaping options

Dynamic Microphone with Integrated Preamp and Tone-shaping Switches

sE Electronics DynaCaster


  • Studio-worthy dynamic microphone with V Series capsule technology
  • In-line Dynamite-style active preamp ensures low noise and extra-hot levels
  • +30dB Gain Boost (48V phantom power required)
  • 3-layer pop filter safeguards against distracting plosives
  • Tone-shaping switches supply 6 sophisticated equalization configurations
  • Great for studio vocals and podcasters, plus guitar cabs, drums, and more
  • All-metal construction is durable enough for stage and studio life
  • Comes with a thread adapter and external windscreen

Introducing the all-in-one compact system with game-changing V Series capsules technology, now turbo-charged with DYNAMITE intended for demanding studio use. Built like a tank. All-metal and vastly compatible. Whether you are hosting a podcast, livestreaming, or gaming with friends, from building a community on your favourite platform to tracking a song in the studio, the DynaCaster ‘s integrated DYNAMITE preamp and discreet 3-layer pop filter makes the DynaCaster a modern studio companion with an undetectable footprint.

Based on the proven capsule technology of the acclaimed V SERIES dynamics, the DynaCaster’s DMC8 cardioid capsule captures natural and intimate sound quality in the most epic of environments for singers, podcasters, livestreamers, musicians, engineers and producers alike. Shape the foundation of your sound before any processing with 6 sophisticated equalisation configurations via recessed switches to preserve your preferred settings.

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