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Tech 21

Tech 21 SansAmp PSA 2.0 Programmable Instrument Pre-amp Pedal

Tech 21 SansAmp PSA 2.0 Programmable Instrument Pre-amp Pedal

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Active DI, Preamp, EQ, and Overdrive Pedal with 49 Presets; 2-band EQ; Buzz, Punch, Crunch, and Drive controls; and Speaker SimulationSansamp Logo

PSA 2.0

Originally introduced in 1993, the SansAmp PSA-1 rackmount, and later PSA-1.1, quickly became studio staples. The SansAmp PSA has been used on thousands of major releases, worldwide tours and film soundtracks for multiple applications and instruments –including guitar, bass, horns, vocals, and drums.

With 2019 marking our 30th Anniversary, we thought it was time to change things up a bit and streamline its architecture into a compact, easily portable pedal. The SansAmp PSA 2.0 offers the same 100% analog circuitry for punchy, responsive, organic sounds that bring out the best in any instrument. Only the programming and memory sections are digital. It also offers the same operational simplicity, essential functionality and dizzying versatility.

In the studio, you can record direct, enhance existing tracks in mixdowns, as well as add interesting touches to any instrument. Live, the SansAmp PSA 2.0 can be used as a pre-amp direct into a power amp with guitar or bass speaker cabinets, as a “monster direct box” to a P.A. system (or both simultaneously), and as an outboard processor. Additionally, the PSA 2.0 features a Performance Mode, which turns it into a 3-channel stompbox.

With 128 memory locations, storing and recalling programs is simple. You don’t need any special training or a degree in physics to operate your unit. The rotation of each control increases and decreases in a smooth, gradual, linear fashion, so when you turn a knob, you hear the difference immediately –in real time. You just set your tones and push the Save button. There is no lag time, or “cutting out” when you switch between programs. And being all-analog, there is zero latency.

The SansAmp PSA 2.0 provides the flexibility to find almost any conceivable personality within the vintage and modern guitar and bass amplifier sound spectrums, as well as an assortment of revered stompboxes. It is designed to give you inspiration to be your most creative self.


• 100% analog signal path

• Digital programmability

• Performance Mode to instantly access your 3 most often used presets

• Buzz, Punch, Crunch and Drive for tons of tonality options

• Gain for different flavors of overdrive

• Dual band active EQ, cut or boost ±18dB

• Global Trim control to adjust the level of all presets

• MIDI capability for calling up programs and storing program data

• Special Page Functions

• 1/4-inch 1megOhm input

• 1/4-inch low impedance output

• Speaker simulation defeat switch

• Rugged, all-metal housing

• Metal footswitches and jacks

• Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators

• Measures 7.75”l x 2.5”w x 1.25”h

• Weighs just 12 oz.

• Utilizes included 9V DC Universal Power Supply: Model #DC9. “Auto-switching,” self-adjusting 100V240V, 200mA. Includes interchangeable international prong assemblies for EU, UK, Australia/New Zealand for use anywhere in the world.


00 Bypass
MARSHALL® styles
01 Plexi
02 Vintage
03 Schenker
04 JMP-1®
05 High Gain
06 Bluesbreaker
07 Hendrix
08 Van Halen I
09 Classic Clean
FENDER® styles
10 Stock
11 B.B. King
12 Stevie Ray
13 Funk
14 Champ®
15 Twin®
16 Super Bright
17 Classic Rock
18 Super Clean
19 Jazz
20 Mark I®
21 Metallica
22 Santana
23 Clean
24 Rectifier®
25 Triaxis®
26 Lead
27 Rhythm
28 Too Much Gain
29 Mutant
BASS styles
(click on the names for video samples)
30 SVT®
31 Bassman®
32 Jazz
33 Metal
34 Slap
35 King’s X
36 Yes
37 Lead
38 Doug Wimbish
39 Crimson
Miscellaneous styles
40 Fuzz Face®
41 Triangle Muff
42 Tubescreamer
43 MXR+®
44 Tele® Simulator
45 American Woman
46 Pantera
47 Hiwatt®
48 AC30® Queen
49 Speaker Simulator
50 Bypass

® Registered trademarks of their respective companies. Names of factory presets are
intended for descriptive purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement
or affiliation with the companies, products, song titles, or artists named.

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