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Universal Audio

Universal Audio LA-610 Classic Tube Recording Channel

Universal Audio LA-610 Classic Tube Recording Channel

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A classic tube mic preamp & LA-2A-style compressor in a singleĀ unit.

The LA-610 MkII combines a hand-built in the USA, all-tube, vintage mic preamp design ā€” heard on classic albums by Coldplay, The Beach Boys, and Van Halen ā€” with authentic Teletronix T4 opto-compression circuitry.

This classic channel strip design, with its warm preamp tone and smooth, natural-sounding compression, is updated with modern, user-requested features like true compressor bypass, larger metering, increased output, and an auto-switching power supply.

Record through the all-tube mic preamp derived from legendary Bill Putnam-designed 610 modularĀ console

Compress signals with authentic Teletronix T4 opto-compression tubeĀ circuitry

Shape your tones further with High and Low frequency shelving tubeĀ EQ

Record your tracks through vintage UA, "handmade in the USA,"Ā circuits

The LegendaryĀ 610Ā Preamp

The LA-610 MkII is based on the legendary console modules developed by Bill Putnam in the 60's. Noted for their musical character and warmth, innumerous classics by artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Coldplay, Van Halen to Pet Sounds, have been recorded using the 610 preamp. The LA-610 MkII will impart the same silky, vintage warmth of the original consoleā€™s mic amp design toĀ yourĀ sources.

Toneful TubeĀ Compression

The LA-610 Mk IIā€™s T4 tube compressor provides the same ultra-warm limiting that has made the Teletronix LA-2A the king of fat opto compression. The electro-optical detector, or "T4 cell,ā€ is the heart and soul of the Teletronix LA-2A. Its photo resistors are the crucial circuit components, giving the compressor its signature warmth, making it a ā€œgo-toā€ for tracking vocals, bass, or acoustic guitars. Taken together, itā€™s impossible to get a bad sound out of the LA-610 MkIIā€™s legendary preamp and compressionĀ circuits.

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