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Mapex Tornado 5 pcs Drum Set w/Hardware Throne & Cymbals -White Wood Grain TND5294FTCFI

Mapex Tornado 5 pcs Drum Set w/Hardware Throne & Cymbals -White Wood Grain TND5294FTCFI

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The Tornado Series from Mapex goes a long way to avoiding first-kit frustrations. With back-up from a proper brand that's often missing in the starter kit bracket, the Tornado feels more like a real drum kit than many of its competitors, and consequently rather more rewarding to sit behind
Product Features:
● 5 Pc Drum Kit - Bass Drum | 2 Rack Toms | Floor Tom | Matching Wood Snare
● 4pc Hardware - Snare Stand | Hi-Hat Stand | Cymbal Stand | Bass Drum Pedal
● Tom Holder on Bass Drum
● Drum Throne
● Cymbals Included along with the kit - Hi-Hat | Crash

  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Drum Set Type: Acoustic
  • Cymbals Included: Yes
  • No of Pcs: 5 Pc
  • Hardware Included: Yes
  • Bracing: Double
  • Body Material: Wood
  • Snare Drum Included: Yes
  • Throne Included: Yes
  • Sticks Included: Yes
  • Colour: White Wood Grain
  • Kit Dimensions: 22-10-12-16-14SD
  • Bass Drum: 22"
  • Rack Toms: 10" & 12"
  • Floor Tom: 16"
  • Snare: 14"
  • Hi Hat Cymbal: 14"
  • Crash Cymbal: 16"
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