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TC Electronic

TC Electronic ICON DOCK Docking Station for ICON Series Controllers

TC Electronic ICON DOCK Docking Station for ICON Series Controllers

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Desktop Dock for TC ICON Modules
Docking Station and Power Supply for TC Electronic ICON Series Devices

Product Features

  • Dock, power and connect your TC Electronic Icon Series controllers like the TC2290 and DVR250 in one sleek and tidy unit

  • Integrated USB hub for tidy cable runs, connect to your computer with a single USB cable

  • Non-slip pads for secure desktop placement

  • Rack ears included for rack mounting

  • Universal wall wart power supply included

  • Internal USB connection for controllers + 2 m USB extension cable for computer included

Out of The Box Thinking for In-The-Box Producers
Out of The Box Thinking for In-The-Box Producers

TC Icon Docking station is a unique and versatile solution for today’s modern studio workflow. Dock, power and connect TC Electronic ICON Series hardware controllers such as TC2290-DT, DVR 250-DT, Master X HD-DT and PEQ 3000-DT in one flexible unit with a small footprint. This hybrid solution delivers out of the box functionality for today’s modern DAW based studio.

Flexible Design
Flexible Design

TC ICON DOCK can accommodate up to seven desktop controllers from TC Electronic's ground-breaking ICON Series. The optional desktop controllers, designed exclusively for the ICON Series of native plugins offer a powerful extension to mixing in-the-box workflow. The dedicated and inspiring series of desktop interfaces place all key parameters instantly at the user’s fingertips, allowing them to explore, tweak and experiment without even needing to open the native plugin window. The integration of hardware and software is intuitive, seamless and improves workflow.

Inside The Box
Inside The Box

Inside the ICON DOCK, an integrated high-grade USB hub delivers connectivity and power for up to 7 desktop controllers. A single 2m USB extension cable is used to connect to a DAW, power is supplied separately via an included universal power supply.

Outside The Box
Outside The Box

The sturdy and stylish housing features a small footprint and can be used as a desk-top device or rack mounted using the included rack ears. Nonslip pads are included for secure desktop placement. ICON DOCK is easily opened and closed for adding, moving and swapping desktop controllers. 4 blind plates are included in case not all slots are used.

An Iconic Series
An Iconic Series

Designed and engineered in Denmark, the ICON Series is with its native plugins and optional desktop controllers an essential addition to any Mac or PC DAW mixing or production setup and supports all modern plugin formats including standard VST, Audio Units and AAX plugin processing. The ICON Series let you make full use of DAW automation and project recall and give you the freedom to work with any audio software you prefer.


Software Support
Operating systems

Mac OS X 10.13 Sierra or above, Windows 7 or above


No additional drivers required

USB Connection

USB 2.0, type micro-B

Power supply

12V DC, 1000 mA universal wall power supply, 50 - 60 Hz, 100 to 240 VAC

Power consumption

Max. 15 W, Typ. 3 W

Dimensions (HxWxD)

54 x 441 x 177 mm (2.1 x 17.4 x 7.0") - Empty with standard side plates


.40 kg (3.09 lbs) - Empty with standard side plates

Accessories Supplied

8 screws for controllers

Blank plates


Self-adhesive tape

For securing blank plates


USB-A to USB 2.0, type micro-B, 2 m

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