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TC Electronic

TC Electronic Magus Pro High Gain Distortion Pedal

TC Electronic Magus Pro High Gain Distortion Pedal

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Classic High-Gain Distortion Pedal with Fat Mids, Treble Filter Control and 3 Clipping Modes
High-gain Distortion Pedal with Gain, Volume, and Filter Controls

Product Features

  • Classic high gain distortion pedal with organic tube-like response

  • Fat mids and tight bottom end

  • Treble filter control to tame top-end bite

  • 3 clipping modes capture dirty, turbo and classic iterations of this mainstay distortion circuit

  • Evenly balanced harmonic resonance produces effortless sustain at high gain settings

  • Ideal for classic rock, indie and punk

  • All-analog circuit produces rich warm tones

  • Compact footprint fits on any pedal board

  • Top-mounted jacks allow more pedals to be stacked onto your pedalboard

  • Built-like-a-tank construction

Versatile Classic Analog Distortion
Versatile Classic Analog Distortion

If you’ve ever needed a Classic Analog High Gain Distortion Pedal but been unable to find one with enough versatility to suit any scenario, the MAGUS PRO will be a very welcome surprise for you. Its slow slew rate, treble filter control and three different modes of operation provide more than enough variance in approach and tone to compliment any playing style.

Slow Slew Circuitry
Slow Slew Circuitry

We’ve specially designed a circuit to recreate the classic slow slew of the infamous LM308 op-amp using readily available modern components. By keeping the slew rate slow, harsh unwanted harmonic overtones and interference are eliminated, leaving you with a smooth layer of pure distortion whilst cranking the gain.

Filter That Treble to Your Needs
Filter That Treble to Your Needs

One particularly distinctive feature of the MAGUS PRO is the Treble Filter control. It’s an extremely effective Hi-cut filter, allowing you to totally tailor your top end bite.

Three for the Price of One!
Three for the Price of One!

MAGUS PRO comes packed with three different modes, giving you more scope than ever before. CLASSIC MODE takes us to a world of oldskool, high gain, punchy MIDS and a gripping tight bottom end. TURBO MODE meanwhile engages LED clipping diodes for greater headroom, less saturation and higher output level. Finally, FAT MODE gives the low end a boost while re-shaping the upper MIDS for that ultimate hard rock tone.

Warm Sustain for Days
Warm Sustain for Days

When you punch in the MAGUS PRO as a solo boost, evenly balanced harmonic resonance produces effortless and lasting sustain to take you way over the horizon. It’ll also provide musical feedback when required at high gain settings, whilst its slow slew rate keeps unwanted sizzle at bay. All of this is delivered with a warmth and tone that you’d expect from only the finest analog circuitry.

True Bypass
True Bypass

True bypass ensures you keep a totally pure signal and retain the integrity of your instrument’s tone when the pedal is not in use.

Tough and Compact
Tough and Compact

MAGUS PRO is housed in an amazingly compact, built-like-a-tank metal box. Ever conscious that your pedal collection may be growing while your pedalboard may not, we’ve mounted the jack sockets and power input on the top of the housing to save you valuable pedalboard real estate. Allowing you to stack more pedals than ever before in a row.

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