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Stay Music

Stay Music Piano Stand 1200/02 Blue

Stay Music Piano Stand 1200/02 Blue

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Stay Stand for keyboards and peripherals in aluminum injected under pressure with a clean, bold and super modern design. Light and very resistant material, fast assembly that does not require screws, ergonomic, safe and versatile cable channel.

Composition and assembly - a straight base with a pair of stringers 450 mm straight + a base 10º with a pair of stringers 380mm and two feet.
Base height adjustment - maximum 1150 mm

Maximum Weight Capacity: 130kg (Do not exceed 65kg per pair of stringers)
Finish: special Epoxy paint
Available colors: Black, Silver, Red, Blue and White

Recommended for keyboards up to 88 keys

Weight: 11 kg

Accompanies: a pair of Passing Threads and Bag for transport (case)

Items Included

01 Straight Base + 01 pair of arms / Stringer 450mm (with adjustable rubber)
01 Base 10º + 01 pair of arms / Stringer 380mm (with adjustable rubber + stop rubber)
02 Feet + 01 Complete cable pass kit + Transport Bag
Obs + 1 pair of rubber support arms that can be used if the Stop Rubber is removed.
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