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Sontronics DELTA 2 Phantom-Powered Ribbon Microphone For Guitar Amps + Brass

Sontronics DELTA 2 Phantom-Powered Ribbon Microphone For Guitar Amps + Brass

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Sontronics LogoDELTA 2

Rugged ribbon microphone designed specially for guitar amps, brass and saxophone


Sontronics Delta 2 microphone front view

A must-have for guitarists and brass players alike, the Sontronics Delta 2 is the successor to the original Delta, which was our first ever ribbon mic designed specifically to handle high-SPL sources such as guitar amps, sax and brass. 

Perfect for studio as well as live use, the phantom-powered Delta 2 delivers all the intimate tone and subtlety you’d expect from a ribbon microphone while being rugged enough to capture powerful signals without overloading or clipping.

A favourite with many guitarists and instrumentalists – from Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien to the brass players of the London Metropolitan Orchestra – Delta 2 will guarantee amazing results, whether you’re in the studio or on the road.

Sontronics Ribbon Mic icon


Gives a perfectly

intimate and

natural sound

Sontronics Guitar Amps icon


Guarantees perfect

guitar tone in

the studio or live

Sontronics Smooth icon


Beautiful tones

with that vintage

ribbon sound

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The epitome of

UK design and


Radiohead's Ed O'Brien with Sontronics Delta on his Fender amp
"Since discovering the Sontronics Delta, I wouldn't
put anything else in front of my amps. The sound is so
accurate with incredible detail and presence."

Ed O'Brien, Radiohead


The DELTA 2, like the original DELTA before it, is a favourite with reviewers as well as everyday users.

Total Guitar Best Buy award for Sontronics Delta microphoneGuitarist Choice award for Sontronics Delta microphonePro Sound Awards 2018 for Sontronics Delta 2

Every Delta 2 is built with care and precision to ensure it delivers only the best results

Sontronics_Delta2_cutout_right_SHAD.pngATTENTION TO DETAIL

Hand-built in the UK, the Delta 2 is crafted using our own proprietary circuit that boasts premium-grade components, including a custom-wound transformer made to our own design.

Ours are the only ribbon mics in the world to also feature RFI filters in the circuit to prevent radio frequency interference entering the signal, making our mics perfectly suited to live use. 

The same care has been taken with the build, right down to the gauge of British stainless steel mesh used for the grille, the military-spec anodised finish of the aluminium side pieces and the precision-engineered shockmount. 

With Delta 2 you will see and feel the quality as well as hear it!
Sontronics Delta 2 - ideal for guitar ampsSontronics Delta 2 - ideal for brass and saxophoneSontronics Delta 2 - ideal for drums

The Delta 2 has been deliberately designed with lower sensitivity and more internal protection than our other ribbon mics (Sigma 2 and Apollo 2) in order to handle the higher SPL from sources such as guitar amp, brass, saxophone and drums.

Sontronics Delta 2 microphone
Sontronics Delta 2 on saxophone
"My Delta lives permanently in front of my Vox AC30. My Les Paul just 'agrees' with the Delta. It gives a natural and realistic view of the noisy sounds coming from my amps and I never need to EQ it!"

Bernard Butler, Artist/Writer/Producer

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