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Sontronics APOLLO 2 Stereo Phantom-Powered Ribbon Microphone

Sontronics APOLLO 2 Stereo Phantom-Powered Ribbon Microphone

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Sontronics LogoAPOLLO 2

Take your recordings to new heights with our beautifully crafted stereo ribbon microphone

Sontronics Apollo 2 stereo ribbon microphone, cutout image, angled to the right

Our gorgeous Apollo 2 is a beautiful sounding stereo ribbon microphone that has become, like the original Apollo before it, a must-have for studios, composers, venues and sound stages all round the world, from Glyndebourne to Hollywood.


Hand-crafted in the UK using the highest quality components including a hand-wound transformer and cutting-edge laser-welding technology, Apollo 2 will guarantee astonishing results, whatever and wherever you’re recording.


With its two highly sensitive ribbon motors set in X-Y Blumlein formation, Apollo 2 will capture a truly stunning and superbly accurate three-dimensional image, picking up every detail of your recording space and your instruments or voices.


Line drawing logo to show stereo figure-of-eight pattern


A pair of ribbons

sit in Blumlein

X/Y formation

Line-drawing logo to show a diamond


Captures incredible

detail and

natural sound

Line-drawing logo to show British flag


Represents the

very best of British


Line-drawing logo to show star in circle


Users include

Abbey Road Studios

and Paul Epworth

Image of Sontronics Apollo 2 stereo ribbon microphone in the foreground facing down towards a drumkit in the corner of a recording studio
"Apollo 2 is truly a magnificent microphone. It captures the soul of your instruments or voices while also representing incredible detail. It's made me forget everything I thought I knew about ribbon mics!"

Tony Anderson, Composer/ProducerClose-up image of Sontronics Apollo 2 microphone showing ribbon elements inside metal mesh grille

Our hand-built Apollo 2 is crafted to ensure that the ribbons soak up all the precise details of your source and of the space you're recording in


Ideal for stereo recording, as an overhead for orchestra, choir or instrumental ensemble, or to capture the full character of a solo instrument in stereo or mono, Apollo 2 will give you natural, expansive results with perfect clarity in the highs and a balanced depth and fullness to the mids and lows. 

Thanks to its phantom-powered circuit and custom-wound transformers, Apollo 2 requires very little gain and no EQ, so achieving the best results is completely effortless. Our Apollo 2, Sigma 2 and Delta 2 are the first ribbon mics in the world to incorporate RFI filters in their circuitry, which means the signal remains crystal clear, even if used live. 

Sontronics Apollo 2 really will take your breath away and impart a quality to your recordings that you didn’t imagine possible!

Cutout image of Sontronics Apollo 2 microphone facing front

Sontronics Apollo 2 is perfect for piano, orchestral and choral recordings and ideal for capturing the ambience and character of your entire recording space. It also works amazingly well as an overhead microphone for drums and percussion or for small instrument and vocal ensembles.

Sontronics Apollo 2 - ideal for piano
Sontronics Apollo 2 - ideal for orchestra and ensemble
Sontronics Apollo 2 - ideal for choir
Sontronics Apollo 2 - ideal for drumkit overhead
Sontronics Apollo 2 - ideal for overhead and room recording
Close-up image of Sontronics Apollo 2 microphone, showing cylindrical mesh grille with ribbon elements set at 90 degrees to each other inside
Sontronics Apollo 2 microphone used for overhead miking in church
Sontronics Apollo 2 microphone close-up of main body and shockmount
"I couldn't quite believe it when I first heard the Apollo on my piano, it's truly stunning! I also use it as room mic, which has totally transformed my recordings."

Ben Christophers, Artist/Songwriter/Producer

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