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Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Sonnet 60 - 60-watt 1x 6.5" Combo Amp - Black

Blackstar Sonnet 60 - 60-watt 1x 6.5" Combo Amp - Black

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SONNET ACOUSTIC AMPSSonnet series logo

Acoustic Alternative

60-watt, 1x6.5" Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier with Mic/Instrument Inputs, Polarity Reverse Function, 3-band/2-band EQs with Shape Buttons, Highpass Filter, Brilliance Control, 2 Reverbs, USB/XLR Outputs, Line Input/Bluetooth, and Tilt-back Stand - BlackFront view of 2 blackstar guitar amp

A multitude of acoustic artists have chosen the Sonnet as their acoustic alternative. Discover why…

Sonnet faithfully amplifies the natural response of your acoustic instrument capturing every nuance of its tone and your performance.

Full Frequency Response

Sonnet has a wide dynamic range and has been carefully designed to reproduce the full frequency range produced by an acoustic instrument.

From the extended sub response required for percussive styles, to the ultra-high frequency territory covered by many piezo pickups – Sonnet gives you full control over everything.

The High Pass Filter (HPF) and Brilliance controls allow you to adjust the crucial body resonance and piezo high-end of your acoustic instrument.

Perfect for Performers

  • Compact, lightweight and powerful
  • Studio quality reverb with separate level for each channel
  • Screw out tilt stand lets you use Sonnet as an onstage monitor, whilst feeding your preferred mix to the sound engineer via XLR
  • Optional stand adapter for PA pole mounting
  • Bluetooth for audio playback

Your Livestream Hub. Your Recording Interface.

  • USB recording – connect direct to your laptop or desktop for effortless and phenomenal sounding recording straight to your DAW.
  • Livestreaming – connect to your phone or tablet and capture incredible sounding livestreams and videos, with audio synced to your device’s camera in real time.
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