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Novation Summit 61-key 16-voice Synthesizer

Novation Summit 61-key 16-voice Synthesizer

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61-key, 16-voice, 2-part Polyphonic Keyboard Synth, with 3 NCO New Oxford Oscillators per Voice, Aftertouch-enabled Semi-weighted Keybed, and Onboard FX


Built on the innovative foundations of our critically acclaimed Peak synthesiser, Summit is a three-oscillator-per-voice, 16-voice keyboard synth that aims to inspire, empower, whether on stage or in the studio. Its Digital New Oxford Oscillators combine the best of analogue sound and digital flexibility – including inbuilt and custom digital wavetables.

Effectively placing the power of two Peaks at your fingertips, Summit allows two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard or switched between on the fly. It also expands on Peak's layout, with many additional controls and functions now accessible on the front panel

  • Peak powered up – the acclaimed Peak architecture taken to the next level, with 16 voices, expanded controls, new filter options, and more
  • Digital where it counts – digital FPGA-generated New Oxford Oscillators for analogue-style, wavetable and FM synthesis
  • Analogue where it matters – dual analogue filters, analogue VCAs and three stages of analogue distortion per voice
  • Two sounds at once – multitimbral engine for splitting, stacking and switching between two simultaneous patches
  • Wavetable Editor – featuring drawing tools and a Live Edit mode, so you can draw your own oscillator shapes and preview them in real time

The best sounding synthesiser Novation has ever made

Summit doubles the power of Peak’s digital New Oxford Oscillators up to 16 voices and two parts, and adds a wealth of new features and a premium-quality five-octave keyboard. A synth much greater than the sum of its parts, it gives the serious producer or performer everything they need to design and play stunning basses, leads, arps, pads, effects and beyond.

Totally tactile sound design

Summit takes Peak’s architecture and workflow to new heights, with a swathe of extra front panel controls for hands-on wrangling of FM, effects, LFOs and more; dual filters with six LP/HP/BP combinations; audio input for processing external sources with the onboard effects; and auxiliary audio outputs.

Summit Overview

Analogue where it matters

The true stereo analogue signal path comprises dual analogue multimode filters, analogue VCAs and three stages of analogue distortion – pre- and post-filter, and post-VCA. With roots in the legendary OSCar, via Bass Station II, Summit’s analogue credentials are truly impressive.

Wavetable Editor
    The Wavetable Editor unleashes the power of the wavetable oscillators. It features drawing tools and a Live Edit mode, so you can draw your own oscillator shapes and preview them in real time. Audio import lets you load in your own audio to be used as the oscillator waveform. Included is a curated selection of space-themed audio from the NASA sound library, plus exclusive content from production giants Noisia.

    Summit firmware update v2.0

    In Novation’s biggest update for Summit, firmware update v2.0 brings a multitude of features across stereo controls, modulation and unpredictability, and effects, that give you powerful tools to shape your sound.

    Create more intricately textured soundscapes with updated stereo controls. Experiment with expansive sound design with modulation and unpredictability. A range of effects improvements bring new tonalities with the addition of Chorus Modes, Flanger, Phlanger, new effects modulation destinations and Lo-Fi delay.

    Have a look at the full details of firmware update v2.0 for Summit in the Release Notes.

    Summit performance - Hinako

    • Synth Engine
    • 16 note polyphony (dependent on voices used per note)
    • 2-part-timbral
    • Layered, Split, Dual Bi-Timbral Modes
    • 5 Voice Modes - Mono, MonoLG, Mono2, Poly, Poly2
    • Per Voice
    • 3 oscillators
    • 1 noise generator with HP filter control
    • 1 ring modulator
    • 2 LFOs
    • 1 amp envelope and 2 mod envelopes (ADHSR + looping)
    • 1 filter
    • Waveforms Include
    • Sine, tri, sawtooth, square / pulse, plus 43 wavetables of 5 waveforms per row
    • Filter
    • 1 state variable OTA filter per voice
    • 12/24dB slope
    • Low-pass / band-pass / high-pass / dual filter (separation of each 12dB filters)
    • dual filter: LP > HP, LP > BP, HP > BP, LP + HP, LP + BP, HP + BP, LP + LP, BP + BP, and HP + HP
    • Pre-filter overdrive
    • Post-filter distortion
    • Modulation
    • 16 modulation slots per patch
    • 2 sources per destination per slot
    • Mod Sources
    • Direct (depth)
    • Modulation wheel
    • Aftertouch (polyphonic and channel AT)
    • Expression pedal 1
    • Expression pedal 2
    • Keyboard velocity
    • LFO1 positive
    • LFO1 bi-polar
    • LFO2 positive
    • LFO2 bi-polar
    • Amp envelope
    • Mod envelope 1
    • Mod envelope 2
    • Animate 1
    • Animate 2
    • CV mod input bi-polar
    • Bend Up
    • Bend Down
    • Mod Destinations
    • Oscillator 1-3 frequency, v-sync level, shape amount and level
    • Noise source level
    • Ring modulator output level
    • Overall synth output level
    • Filter drive, distortion, cut-off frequency and resonance
    • LFO 1 and 2 frequency
    • Amp env / mod env 1 / mod env 2 attack, decay and release
    • FM Osc 1 -> osc 2, osc 2 -> osc 3, osc 3 -> osc 1 and noise -> osc 1
    • Osc 3 -> filter cutoff frequency
    • Noise -> filter cutoff frequency
    • Effects
    • FX are per part
    • Analogue distortion
    • 3 chorus types
    • Delay with 16 types of delay sync, LP and HP damping, slew and stereo
    • FX Mod Matrix Source
    • Direct (depth)
    • Mod wheel
    • Aftertouch
    • Expression pedal 1
    • Expression/breath pedal 2
    • Velocity
    • Keyboard
    • LFO 1 +/-
    • LFO 2 +/-
    • LFO 3 +/-
    • LFO 4 +/-
    • Amp envelope
    • Mod envelope 1 & 2
    • Animate 1 & 2
    • CV +/-
    • Bendwheel +/-
    • Bend up
    • Bend down
    • FX Mod Matrix Destinations
    • Distortion level
    • Chorus level
    • Chorus rate
    • Chorus depth
    • Chorus feedback
    • Delay level
    • Delay time
    • Delay feedback
    • Reverb level
    • Reverb time
    • Reverb low pass
    • Reverb high pass
    • Misc.
    • FM controls on front panel
    • Global LFO 3 & 4
    • Arpeggiator with key latch – 33 patterns
    • Patch storage - up to 512 on hardware (ships with 256 factory patches)
    • All knobs (excl. volume), sliders and most buttons transmit and receive MIDI cc commands for external control and mapping
    • Microtuning with Scala table import and table tuning creation
    • Manual mode
    • Multi pot mode: Relative, Pot pick-up, Snap
    • Product Hardware Specifications
    • 50 control knobs
    • 8 45mm sliders
    • 1 volume knob
    • 1 data encoder knob
    • Rubberised knob caps with spun metal discs
    • 55 function buttons
    • 2 Animate buttons plus hold button
    • OLED display
    • Kensington Lock
    • Power switch
    • IEC power supply connector
    • USB socket for system (MIDI comms only, no bus power)
    • MIDI In / Out / Thru
    • 2 1/4" jack sockets for continuous or switched pedals
    • 1 3.5mm jack socket for CV in
    • 2 1/4" jack sockets for left and right outputs
    • 2 1/4" jack sockets for left and right auxiliary outputs
    • 2 1/4" jack sockets for left and right inputs
    • 1/4" jack socket for headphone output
    • Metal chassis with American walnut wooden end cheeks
    • Metal magnetic inset end pieces
    • Width998.5mmmm
    • Depth92mm
    • Height303.5
    Software Compatibility
    • Ableton Live Lite is included
    • Summit is a USB-MIDI class compliant device
    Power Requirements
    • Maximum power consumption 1A

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