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PDP Drums

PDP PDHW715 5-piece 700 Series Hardware Pack

PDP PDHW715 5-piece 700 Series Hardware Pack

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5-piece Drum Hardware Pack with Boom and Straight Cymbal Stands, Hi-hat Stand, Snare Stand, and Single-chain Bass Pedal

A Full Set of Lightweight, Portable PDP Drum Hardware

PDP's 700 Series drum hardware promises an easy carry and gig-worthy tenacity for weekend warriors and home drummers alike. And, with the 5-piece 700 Series Hardware Pack from Sweetwater, you've got all you need to outfit a set of drums — just add a throne and you're ready to rock. Stands in this pack boast such in-demand features as double-braced legs, slip-resistant feet, and PDP/DW's patented variable-position Glide Tilter.

What Comes in the PDP 700 Series Hardware Pack

PDCB710 boom and PDCS710 straight cymbal stands

Worn-out stands with weak clutches undermine your confidence and keep you from playing your best. But with PDP 700 Series Cymbal Stands, you won't have to worry about that. These double-braced 3-legged cymbal stands provide a rock-solid foundation for your cymbals. The stands have anti-slip feet and robust clutches that make it easy to set the cymbal position and keep it right where you want it. Plus, the lightweight design makes transportation a breeze.

PDHH713 3-legged hi-hat stand

The PDP 700 Series Hi-Hat Stand is an excellent hi-hat stand for the gigging musician. Lightweight and super portable, this 3-legged stand gives you a rock-solid platform for the primary time-keeping device onstage — your hats. A standard clutch and super responsive chain drive give you the confidence to play your best without fear. For playing comfort, the 700 Series hi-hat stand has a cast pedal with a smooth finish.

PDSP710 single-chain bass pedal

Drummers here at Sweetwater understand how vital a role the bass pedal plays. Without it, you can’t play with confidence. That’s why we recommend the rock-solid PDP 700 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal. This streamlined pedal is impressively lightweight, while its retro-styled single-chain concentric drive system makes it a cinch to play. What’s more, the PDP 700 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal’s dual posts, steel baseplate, and steel drive shaft ensure that it will last a long, long time.

PDSS710 snare stand

Lightweight and portable, the PDP 700 Series snare stand is extremely versatile. Its corkscrew basket adjustment and standard gear-toothed tilter make positioning a piece of cake, while rugged double-braced legs and anti-slip feet ensure that this snare stand stays in place. The PDP 700 Series snare stand is an excellent, value-packed piece of drum hardware.

PDP 700 Series 5-piece Hardware Pack Features:

  • A full set of lightweight, portable drum hardware from PDP/DW
  • Includes all you need to outfit a kit — just add a throne
  • PDCB710 boom cymbal stand
  • PDCS710 straight cymbal stand
  • PDHH713 3-legged hi-hat stand
  • PDSP710 single-chain bass pedal
  • PDSS710 snare stand
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