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PDP PDHHCO2 Concept Series Hi-hat Stand - 2-leg

PDP PDHHCO2 Concept Series Hi-hat Stand - 2-leg

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2-leg Hi-hat Stand with Heavy-duty Steel Tubing, Double-braced Legs, Multi-position Tension Adjustment, and Quick-release Clutch

An Incredibly Capable Hi-hat Stand

Is a wobbly, unreliable hi-hat stand causing you to lose confidence in your kit? With the PDP Concept Series HHCO2 Hi-hat Stand, your playing confidence will be lifted! You can trust this double-braced stand to take your heaviest hits without threatening to topple over. The 2-leg design allows for placement in tight spaces and gives you plenty of room to add a double bass pedal if you please. To make sure you get the most life out of this stand, PDP built it with heavy-duty steel tubing, extra-strong joints, and a cast footboard. Other premium features including, multi-position tension adjustment, a Quick-release hi-hat clutch, lateral cymbal seat adjustment, needle bearing hinge, and oversized anti-slip rubber feet round out the design. Built for a lifetime on the road, the PDP Concept Series Hi-hat Stand is ready for anything you can throw at it.

PDP Concept Series HHCO2 Hi-Hat Stand Features:

  • 2-leg hi-hat stand for the touring musician
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands wear and tear from the road
  • Multi-position tension adjustment customizes the feel
  • Needle bearing hinge and chain drive deliver extra responsive
  • Quick-release clutch makes setup and teardown easy
  • Double-braced legs increase stand stability
  • Oversized anti-slip feet keep the stand in place
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