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PDP Drums

PDP PDDP712 700 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

PDP PDDP712 700 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

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 Double Bass Pedal with Two-way Reversible Beaters

PDP's Classic Single-chain Double Pedal, Reimagined

The PDP 700 Series single-chain double bass pedal has more than 20 years of PDP/DW research and development packed into it. From the elegant brushed metal footboards (which feel great on bare feet, by the way) to the low-play black telescoping pedal linkage, the PDDP712 double pedal is characterized by a sleek look and price-defiant modern performance. Each of the PDDP712's cast concentric cams is driven by a single chain to supply a whiplike classic response that old-school double players — including many of us at Jubal Store— favor. The dual-post side supports really help channel power and speed directly to PDP's 2-way reversible beaters, which not only give you two types of sounds on acoustic kick drums, but suit this pedal to electronic kits as well. Underneath, you get a stabilizing secondary-side solid base plate and a primary-side offset hoop clamp for fast, knuckle-saving hoop attachment and removal. There's even a DW drum key secured right to the base plate — the only tool you'll need to link, break down, and customize this pedal.

PDP 700 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal Features:

  • PDP's classic single-chain double pedal, now better than ever
  • The result of more than 20 years of DW/PDP R&D
  • Elegant brushed metal footboards are great for barefoot or shoes-on players
  • Low-play black telescoping linkage, stabilizing base plate (secondary side only), and dual-post supports channel all your speed and power directly to the beaters
  • Cast concentric cams are driven by a single chain on either side — delivers a whiplike, classic double pedal response
  • 2-way reversible beaters give you two attack profiles and equip this pedal for acoustic and electronic performance
  • Offset hoop clamp simplifies pedal attachment and removal
  • PDP part #: PDDP712
  • Replaces the PDP 402 — a longstanding Jubal Store favorite
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