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PDP Drums

PDP PDCMX2215WC CMX5 Concept Maple Exotic Shell Pack 5-piece Charcoal Burst over Walnut

PDP PDCMX2215WC CMX5 Concept Maple Exotic Shell Pack 5-piece Charcoal Burst over Walnut

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5-piece Drum Shell Pack with 10" and 12" Toms, 16" Floor Tom, 22" Bass, and 14" Snare - Charcoal Burst over Walnut

A Steal on a Boutique-level Shell Pack

You'd never imagine a "budget" kit could look, sound, and play as good as the PDP Concept Maple Exotic. This kit borrows concepts from DW drum kits costing several times as much — including all-maple shells, STM tom mounts, and fine-threaded True-Pitch tension rods — and serves them up at a bodacious price. The most striking thing about the PDP Concept Maple Exotic has to be its figured walnut veneers, which are finished in a smoky charcoal burst that's sure to draw the eye of every drummer in the room.

What do I get with the PDP Concept Maple Exotic?

  • A full kit of all-maple shells — today's stage and studio standard
  • Modern Dual-Turret lugs for a look all your own
  • Unfaltering snare tension with the MAG magnetic throw off
  • Fuller, more resonant high toms through STM mounts
  • A great sound out of the box thanks to PDP-branded Remo heads
  • A crisp, sensitive snare snap from included carbon-steel/brass snare wires
  • Finer tuning with True-Pitch tension rods

Boutique quality at a down-to-earth price

PDP's Concept Maple Exotic shell pack proves it's possible to get boutique build quality and pro features at an affordable price. The 8-ply maple tom and bass drum shells are crafted for fast response and a warm, satisfying sustain. The 10-ply maple snare shell has a powerful crack and projection to meet the demands of today's music.

Exotic finishes add wow factor

The Concept Maple Exotic looks every bit as good as it sounds. Shells are wrapped in a figured walnut wood veneer, stained to perfection, then lacquered to a sumptuous gloss finish.

PDP: a proud part of the Drum Workshop family

Pacific Drums and Percussion has made legendary DW quality available to working drummers everywhere. This quality extends not only to the look and tone of the drums, but to their durability as well. Sweetwater drummers know that PDP drums can handle whatever abuse your gigging schedule can dish out. Whether you're a percussion student or a seasoned drummer, you can trust PDP for durable, great-sounding, affordable drums and hardware.

PDP Concept Maple Exotic Walnut Shell Pack Features:

  • A boutique-grade shell pack at an intermediate price
  • Crafted from 8 and 10 plies of maple — today's stage and studio standard
  • Decked out with exotic walnut wood veneers
  • Borrows features from DW kits costing several times more
  • Included sizes (depth x diameter): 8" x 10" and 9" x 12" high toms, 14" x 16" floor tom, 18" x 22" bass drum, 5.5" x 14" snare drum
  • All other hardware (stands, throne, and pedal) sold separately
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