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Mooer Micro Drummer Digital Drum Machine

Mooer Micro Drummer Digital Drum Machine

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Micro Drummer 

Having trouble keeping the groove?
In need of a drummer?
Want a practice companion?
Fear not, reach into your pocket and pull out the MOOER micro drummer!!! 

Micro drummer is a compact drum machine that slots right into your pedal chain. Sporting 121 drumbeats which span a wide variety of different musical styles and can be synced up to your desired time easily using the on boad tap tempo. Never miss a beat with MOOER micro DRUMMER!!! 


MODE: Selects style and drum pattern. Press to switch between style and pattern parameter. Rotate to change parameter value. 

PP:Pop; RC:Rock;  MT:Metal;  BL:Blues;  RB:R&B; JZ:Jazz,

FK:Funk;  LT:Latin; RG:Reggae; PK:Punk; TP:Tempo (metronome)

When the LED is red you can change the style by rotating the MODE control.
When the LED is Blue you can change the pattern by rotating the MODE control.

VOLUME: Adjusts the volume of the Micro Drummer.
SPEED: Adjusts the speed of the Micro Drummer.
TONE: Adjusts the tone of the Micro Drummer.
TAP: 2 ways to use Tap Tempo

1、Tap the button in time with the tempo you wish the micro drummer to play.

2、Hold down the footswich for 1 second while the pedal is engaged to enter 'tap tempo' operation, quickly tap the tempo you want the micro drummer to follow.

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