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Mapex Blaster Black Panther Series 5Pc Drum Kit With Snare

Mapex Blaster Black Panther Series 5Pc Drum Kit With Snare

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Black Panther Blaster
sound the way you’ve always dreamed

Based on its successfully distinctive snare drum series, Mapex has taken this highly progressive design
philosophy, extended it across an entire collection of unique drums and created the Mapex Black Panther
drum Series. Black Panther drums feature boldly unique shell formulas with specially designed bearing edge
profiles to create distinctive tone and voice. With the Black Panther Series, Mapex speaks to the artistic side
of every drummer by giving them drums that bring life to the sound they have only heard in their dreams.

Black Panther Blaster
The blaster

Mapex launches the Black Panther Drum Collection with The Blaster. What makes the Blaster unique
from all other Mapex Drums is the precise selection and combination of shell design, shell materials,
hoop and drum heads. Mapex started with a thin traditional 5.1mm American maple shell, added a
3.4mm walnut reinforcing ring and a 5:5 bearing edge with a rounded back cut. This “sound shaping”
process produces an extremely focused explosive maple sound with a beautiful dark walnut undertone.

Black Panther Blaster
Traditional thin maple shells are known for their warm, explosive sound. Adding a partial walnut inner shell focuses the overall sound and adds a rich dark undertone to the maple.


Black Panther BlasterThe 5:5 rounded bearing edge places the head contact point in the middle of the shell, making for a perfect balance between head sound, shell vibration and overall volume and resonance.


Black Panther BlasterThe Mapex Sonic Saver TM hoop is another important ingredient to the Black Panther drum’s overall sound. The shape of the hoop helps further focus the overall sound. Additionally, the hoop’s unique shaping process creates
a profile that reduces wear and tear to both sticks and hands while dramatically enhancing the response and feel of every rimshot. The 2.3mm Sonic SaverTM hoop successfully bridges the gap between flanged and die cast hoops.


Floor Tom BPNLF1616LWU
Floor Tom BPNLF1414LWU
Bass Drum BPNLB2218LAWU

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