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LR Baggs

LR Baggs Mixpro Dual-Channel Belt-Pack Preamp

LR Baggs Mixpro Dual-Channel Belt-Pack Preamp

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The MixPro Dual-Channel Preamp is a tiny, belt-pack style acoustic preamplifier that packs a lot of features in a lightweight and compact package. In addition to its passive* bass and treble controls, it has a tool many bass players find a necessity: an adjustable low-cut filter. The MixPro also has a phase control, as well as the ability to supply the 9v phantom power that most mini condenser mics require. While aimed at acoustic guitar, its feature set makes it an excellent choice for use with upright bass.

This preamp is ideal for blending two pickups, or a pickup and a K&K Golden Bullet mic – the preamp can supply the 9V phantom power required for using those mics, and we offer a “kit” which includes the splitter cable, the preamp, and mounting gear so the preamp can be attached to your bass tailpiece.

This preamp is also suitable as a replacement for a lost/broken preamp for any of the K&K two-element systems like the Golden Trinity Mic/Pickup Systems, Bass Master Pro, or Bass Master Rockabilly.

The one feature that you may miss is the ability to EQ each channel separately; the EQ on the MixPro is “Post-Mixing” – meaning that it EQs the blended signal, not each channel separately.


  1. Works with just about any pickup combination including mini mics
  2. Small, lightweight design can be clipped to belt or attached to microphone stand or tailpiece
  3. All class A circuitry for sweet transparent sound
  4. Identical input stages on both inputs will work with passive or active pickups and mini mics giving you an array of possible configurations
  5. Output phase inversion at fingertip access helps control feedback
  6. Switchable phantom power to either or both channels
  7. Variable master low-cut filter (trim control) is tunable from 27-225 HZ (12 dB/Oct.) and is a powerful tool for taming wild pickups or sound systems
  8. Internal relative phase switch for the optimum blend between two sources
  9. Variable gain for both tip and ring channel to match most pickups and mics
  10. Mono mixed output
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