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LR Baggs

LR Baggs DS-ELE Mixing System with Preamp & Mixer

LR Baggs DS-ELE Mixing System with Preamp & Mixer

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The Dual Source System is a miniature onboard microphone/pickup mixing system that features all-discrete class A circuitry.

The Dual Source System is a miniature onboard microphone/pickup mixing system that features all-discrete class A circuitry. It seamlessly combines an Element Pickup with a high quality FET condenser capsule for an affordable, simple-to-use, one-cord mix. By using clever and efficient design, they've added these features without raising the price or compromising the quality.

The Element Pick-up is a minature internally mounted microphone/pick-up mixing system that seamlessly combines LR Baggs' patented Element transducer with a high quality FET condenser microphone. The ultra-quiet preamp mounts non-destructively inside of the instrument and features all-discrete audiophile circuitry for our signature quality sound and a great one-cord mix right out of box. The preamp controls have ample flexibility to fine tune the response to your individual guitar.

The Dual Source mic is a high quality omni-directional FET condenser capsule encased in a small block of acoustically transparent foam. It mounts easily on the back of the inside of the guitar with Velcro. It is designed to use the entire back surface as a "pressure zone." This minimizes the effect of standing waves and hot spots inside of the guitar. Consequently, the sound is closer to that of an outside microphone than with other internal mic placements. This location also gives increased protection against feedback.

If you have ever wondered how they can make such great sounding stuff for such a low price, this is it - they do more with less than any audio designer that they know of. Not only does this make for the purest possible sound but it actually reduces the cost. The entire Dual Source signal path, for example, contains only six transistors and a few film caps. LR Baggs also insisted on all discrete Class A circuitry, with no negative feedback, for the lowest noise and most sweet, transparent sound possible.

LR Baggs DS-ELE Features:

  • Element undersaddle pick-up
  • Onmidirectional FET condenser microphone
  • All discrete miniature preamp/mixer
  • Mono or split stereo operation
  • Phase reverse on pickup channel
  • Tunable low cut filter for microphone
  • Battery Bag battery retention
  • Prewired strapjack harness
  • Remote control II

LR Baggs DS-ELE Specifications:

  • Size: 3.3" x 2.3" x 1.9"
  • Weight: 117 grams w/battery
  • Battery Type: Single 9V
  • Current Consumption: 2.3mA
  • Battery Life: > 200 hours (alkaline)
  • Low Cut Filter: Fixed, 12dB/Oct. @ 37Hz
  • Signal to Noise: -92dB, unweighted
  • Output Stage: Pure Class A
  • Output Level: -10dB
  • Output Impedance: 1200 Ohm
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