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LR Baggs

LR Baggs Align Session Acoustic Saturation/Compressor/EQ Pedal

LR Baggs Align Session Acoustic Saturation/Compressor/EQ Pedal

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Compressor/Saturator Pedal for Acoustic-electric Guitar

Align SeriesĀ Session
Align SessionAcoustic Pedal Featuring Saturation and Compression

Inspired by the LR Baggs Handcrafted Video Sessions and our experience in some of Nashvilleā€™s great studios, the Align Session brings our signature studio sound to your live rig. Session circuitry enhances your acoustic pickup and imparts the rich sonic character that youā€™d expect from an experienced audio engineer using some of the worldā€™s finest studio gear. Weā€™ve captured this studio magic and put it into a compact, easy-to-use acoustic pedal that will transform your live sound.Guitar Player Magazine Editorsā€™ Pick

Often used by studio engineers in post-production, saturation adds warmth, dimension, and pleasing harmonics while smoothing the signal for an enhanced mix. The Sessionā€™s proprietary saturation is voiced specifically for the acoustic guitar and transports studio analog warmth and inspiring playability to the stage.

Unlike standard compression that can squash the entire range of your signal, the Sessionā€™s Comp EQ features 3 narrowly focused bands of compression that tame common problematic frequencies and uncover the voice of your guitar. The low, mid, and high frequency compressors are essentially ā€œtouch-sensitiveā€ EQs that respond in real-time to your dynamics. The harder you strum, the more they compress and vice versa.Align Series Session Acoustic Pedal

Align Series Session


  • Analog saturation enhances warmth and harmonic content

  • Compression / EQ smoothes out common problem frequencies

  • Adjustable gain for both passive and active pickups

  • 9V battery, or 9V DC powering options

  • Engage footswitch for affected signal or true bypass

  • Volume level control

  • Ā¼" output

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ā€œIf you simply want a bigger, better acoustic sound onstage or in the studio, audition the Session.ā€

ā€œEditorā€™s Pickā€

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