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LR Baggs

LR Baggs Align Reverb Acoustic Reverb Pedal

LR Baggs Align Reverb Acoustic Reverb Pedal

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Reverb Effects Pedal for Acoustic-electric Guitar

Align SeriesĀ Reverb
Align ReverbProprietary Reverb Tailored Specifically for Acoustic Instruments

Guitar Player Magazine Editorsā€™ Pick

The Align Reverb was built from the ground up to complement the natural body dynamics and warmth of acoustic instruments that we love so much. The circuit seamlessly integrates the wet and dry signals with the effect in side chain so that it never overwhelms the original signal. We shaped the reverb with analog EQ to reflect the natural voice inherent in acoustic instruments. Additionally, the tone control adds versatility by sweeping from warm and muted to open and present. The result is an organic reverb that maintains the audiophile purity of the original signal with the controls set in any position.Align Series Reverb Acoustic Pedal

Align Series Reverb


  • Reverb control blends reverb signal with unaffected signal

  • Decay adjusts the length of the reverb tail

  • Tone sweeps a wide range of warmth, clarity, and everywhere in between

  • 9V battery, or 9V DC powering options

  • Engage footswitch for affected signal or true bypass

  • Volume level control

  • Ā¼" output

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ā€œLuscious, unique tonal quality is ideal for acoustic guitarā€¦ā€ Read more Ā»

ā€œEditorā€™s Pickā€

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ā€œItā€™s like sitting in a perfect sounding room with incredible decay and toneā€¦ā€ Read more Ā»

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ā€œRarely do you find a pedal thatā€™s so in-tune (pun intended) with the needs of a working acoustic guitaristā€¦ā€ Read more Ā»

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