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Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Live Logic 6-button MIDI Footcontroller

Blackstar Live Logic 6-button MIDI Footcontroller

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Live Logic
6-button MIDI Foot Controller with MIDI over USB, 2 Expression Pedal Inputs, and LED Display

The World at Your Feet

Blackstar Live Logic USB MIDI controller on rug

Performance Enhanced MIDI

The Live Logic is a compact and versatile 6-button MIDI footcontroller offering quick and easy performance control of any MIDI hardware or software platforms and plugins. MIDI over USB, assignable functions and two expression pedal inputs make it the perfect MIDI control solution.Blackstar Live Logic USB MIDI controller on desk in front of computer with Live Logic sofware

USB MIDI Interface

Use Live Logic as your USB MIDI interface to integrate any non-USB MIDI devices into a USB setup. Take the unit anywhere and power via USB, 9V battery or power supply.

control panel of Live Logic App

Complete Customisation via the Live Logic App

Customising the Live Logic MIDI Footcontroller is simple thanks to our free PC or Mac app, which allows you to customise the function of each footswitch and expression pedal and save and load configuration pre-sets.

control panel shows patch and custom mode

Modes for Any Situation

Patch mode sets up the Live Logic to send the MIDI Program Change messages. Switches 1-4 send the Program Change message, and 5 and 6 will Bank up and Bank Down, perfect for patch changing on our Silverline range or any MIDI enabled amplifier.

In Custom mode, all 6 switches can be individually configured to any type of MIDI message required, whether Program Change for changing channels, Control Change for changing individual parameters, Note for triggering samples or Clock for synchronising the tempo of multiple time-based gear.

Ableton Live Lite app interface

Free Ableton Software

Live Logic is the only footcontroller to include a free copy of Abletonā€™s renowned Liveā„¢ 10 Lite software. You can use all of Liveā„¢ 10 Liteā€™s essential workflows, instruments and effects to record and take music made in your apps further.

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