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Lemon Drums

Lemon Drums T750 Electronic Drum Kit

Lemon Drums T750 Electronic Drum Kit

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Electronic Dum Kit

The Lemon Drums T750 Electronic Drum Kit is a versatile and feature-packed electronic drum set designed to provide a realistic drumming experience. Here's a general description of the T750:

Sound Module: The T750 typically comes with an advanced sound module that offers a wide range of high-quality drum sounds and percussion samples. It may include a variety of drum kit presets, along with options for customization and editing to suit different musical styles and preferences.

Drum Pads: This electronic drum kit usually includes multiple drum pads, which mimic the feel and response of traditional acoustic drums. The pads are typically velocity-sensitive, meaning they respond to varying levels of playing intensity, allowing for expressive playing dynamics.

Cymbal Pads: The T750 typically features multiple cymbal pads, including hi-hat, ride, and crash cymbals. These pads may offer different zones for bow, edge, and bell sounds, providing a realistic cymbal playing experience.

Pedals: The kit usually includes a kick drum pedal and hi-hat pedal for controlling the bass drum and hi-hat sounds. The pedals are designed to provide a responsive and comfortable playing experience.

Rack and Hardware: The T750 is typically accompanied by a sturdy rack system that holds the drum pads, cymbal pads, and modules securely in place. The rack is adjustable, allowing drummers to customize the positioning of the pads to their liking. The hardware is designed to be durable and reliable, supporting the weight and movement of the drum pads during intense playing.

Connectivity and Features: The T750 often includes various connectivity options, such as MIDI, USB, and audio outputs, enabling integration with external devices and software. It may also feature built-in practice functions, metronome, recording capabilities, and additional play-along tracks for honing drumming skills.

Please note that specific features, specifications, and included components may vary depending on the exact model and version of the Lemon Drums T750 Electronic Drum Kit. For detailed and accurate information, it is best to refer to the official Lemon Drums website or consult with authorized dealers of Lemon Drums products.

Model:T-750 (Red)

Description: Kit of 9 pieces, Full double zone. Ride triple zone. CHROME RACK , excellent finishes and robust.
-Bluetooth connectivity.
- With the ability to expand an additional pad.

- 1 12" Double Zone Snare Drum (Wood)
- 3 10" Double Zone Toms
- 1 12" Bass Drum (Wood)
- 1 12" Hi-Hat, with music stand and sensor.
- 2 Crash 12" Double Zone, Choke
- 1 Ride 13" Triple Zone, Choke
- 1 Bass Drum Pedal

Electronic Module: Thor Series Z12
- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Preset Kits: 20
- User Kits: 10
- Sounds: 645
- Expandable

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