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Lemon Drums

Lemon Drums T-950 BK - Electronic Drum Kit

Lemon Drums T-950 BK - Electronic Drum Kit

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Lemon T-950 Electronic Wooden Drumkit 9-Piece, All Mesh Head added with a 12" Double Piece Hihat with the controller. Drumsticks, headphones, and audio cable are included with the Lemon electronic Drum 9-Piece Electric Kit with All Mesh Head.

Lemon T-950 Electronic Wooden Drumkit comes with mesh head drum pads,13” Snare,10” Toms*2,14” Floor Tom*1, 20” Bass Drum, 13” Hihat with Sensor and Stand,13” Dual Trigger Crash*2,16” Triple Trigger Ride

About Electronic Wooden Drumkit

  • The electronic wooden drumkit has 160 unique sounds and 6 pre-made drum kits, 3 songs. By including an extra cymbal or a drum pad, drummers can upgrade the Lemon T950 drum set. 
  • Aux-In port for audio connection with MP3 and Aux-compatible devices, smartphones, and other devices like USB host port for cellphones, computers, and MIDI communication. 
  • Dynamic Sound Modeling and brand-new onboard sounds have been added to the T-950 Sound Module.
  • One Snare 13x5" Dual-trigger wooden mesh-head for playing rim shot/cross stick and positional sensing and two Mesh-head hi-toms 10 x 5" is added.  
  • One 13x13" floor tom with mesh heads and one Kick 20x12" bass drum with a sensitive and rugged hardwood mesh head. Two 13-inch crash cymbals with dual triggers each. 
  • One 18-inch triple-trigger ride (edge, bow, bell) Cymbal ride. One 12"x2" Hi-Hat cymbal with a typical acoustic hi-hat stand that provides a natural sound and realistic motion. one Drum Stand Suspended Mounts and Steel Drum Hardware. one DC power 9 volts 1 110–220 volts to 9–V–1 amp 

Black T-950 Wooden Digital Drum with All Mesh Heads The sound on this electronic drum set is of the highest caliber. It is among the top electronic drum sets on the market right now.

Lemon 2-piece Hi-Hat

Lemon double-piece electronic drum set, complete with the controller. Two 12" full-covered cymbals in pieces The Lemon HHC12 sets a new standard for performance in electronic hi-hats with its enhanced sound, feel, and control.

Along with our triggering technology, this Hi-Hat has top and bottom cymbals for authentic playability.

The HHC12 offers expressive play, providing smooth transitions between open, half-open, closed, and pushed positions thanks to an innovative motion sensor on the bottom hat. similar to an acoustic Hi-Hat

Lemon T-950 Drum is the best electronic drum set for beginners and professionals. One of the inexpensive electronic drum sets.

One of the greatest portable electronic drum sets accessible online, this drum set is lightweight. This electronic drum kit is available for purchase online if you're seeking one.

Specification of Electronic Wooden Drumkit

Brand Name


Model Number


Drum Heads Material

Mesh Head

Drum Chamber Material


1 x 20*12" wood kick

1 x 18" ride cymbal

1 x ride cymbal stand

2 x crash cymbal stand with tom holder

1 x hihat stand

3 x floor tom legs

1 x 13*13" floor tom pad

1 x 13*5" wood snare

2 x 10*5" wood toms

2 x 13" dual zone cymbal

1 x 12" double piece hihat

1 x snare stand

1 x bass pedal

1 x modul set

1 x accessory kit 

Lemon double-piece electronic drum Hihat with the controller. Two pieces of 12" full-covered cymbals With optimized sound, feel, and control, the Lemon HHC12 raises the bar for electronic Hi-hat performance.

This Hihat features top and bottom cymbals for authentic playability, plus our triggering technology.

Thanks to an advanced motion sensor on the bottom hat, the HHC12 supports expressive play, allowing smooth transitions between open, half-open, closed, and pressed positions. Just like an acoustic Hihat.


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