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Keeley Electronics

Keeley Compressor Mini Compressor Pedal

Keeley Compressor Mini Compressor Pedal

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Mini Compressor Pedal with Level and Comp Controls

Automatic Keeley Compression
Intuitive 2-Knob Control Layout
ALL the Tone – Half the Size


Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini – We’ve Done The Math For You.

The NEW Keeley Compressor Mini in Black Neon. 

The next generation of Keeley Compression

The next generation of compression is finally here! The Keeley Compressor Mini is designed to make the magic of compression simple and easy to use. Featuring Manhattan-style compression, the Compressor Mini intuitively and automatically delivers the perfect blend of dynamic and compressed guitar signal. This is how the Compressor Mini retains all of the subtlety and dynamics in your playing, making it effortless to play and sound your best. An all-new transient release time is set to make both single coils or humbuckers sound lively and expressive. The new automatic tone recovery circuit ensures crystal clear highs, even with high compression settings. The Compressor Mini’s pre-amp tone is legendary; pushing both pedals and amplifiers to their greatest potential. With any style of guitar, playing live or at the recording desk, the Compressor Mini is your secret weapon. We’ve done the math for you, this is the new calculus for great tone.

Keeley Sustain and Transparency – 20 Years Worth of Toneful Compression.

  • An increased sustain range for even more subtle compression
  • Auto-blend to enhance clarity and note definition
  • A new transient release time that makes hum-buckers sing and single coils pop
  • Automatic tone recovery, a treble clarifier for high compression settings
  • A built-in pre-amp for incredible guitar tone and True Bypass
  • 9 volt, 10mA current draw, designed and built in the USA. 

Plug into the Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini, feel inspired to play and sound your best. 

Beautiful simplicity, intuitive controls. Sometimes, less is truly more.

The NEW Keeley Compressor Mini in Black Neon.

Winner of Premier Guitar’s ‘Premier Gear’ Award

Click here to read the review. 

Demo Videos:
Robert Keeley talks about the Compressor Mini: 
Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini Technical Demo: 
AndyDemos Compressor Mini Demo:
Jay Leonard J Compressor Mini Demo: 
Mike Hermans Compressor Mini Demo: 
Brett Kingman Compressor Mini Demo:
Brett Kingman Compressor Mini + Dark Side:  
Pete Thorn Compressor Mini Demo:  
Rabea Massaad Compressor Mini Demo:  
Living Room Gear Demos Compressor Mini Demo: 
HarryAndAGuitar Compressor Mini Demo: 
Hasyir Ibrahim Compressor Mini Demo:


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