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Gruv Gear GigBlade Sliver for Electric Guitar - Black

Gruv Gear GigBlade Sliver for Electric Guitar - Black

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Meet the new standard in slim and lightweight gig bags. The GigBlade Sliver is a slice of the original but still a cut above the rest. Continuing with the side-carry convenience of the GigBlade, the Sliver introduces a patented invisible “yin-yang” neck brace that secures your instrument automatically when closing the bag. Smart, quick, and über cool. Stay nimble and gig-ready across town and around the world with the new GigBlade Sliver.

  • Half the thickness of the original GigBlade.

  • ""Yin-yang"" invisible neck brace keeps the guitar neck from moving.

  • Unique side-carry approach is quick, comfy and convenient.

  • Offers the most carry options including sling, cross-sling, traditional handle and backpack (with optional 2nd strap).

  • Low center of gravity makes your gear feel like half the weight.

  • Slim pockets for tuners, in-ear monitors, picks, cables and more.

  • StrapFlat™ long pocket saves space and helps extend the life of your guitar strap.

  • 40mm split adjustable bottom padding.

  • Rugged water-repellent 1680D nylon, yet lightweight.

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