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Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear GG-GIGBLADE2-AG-BLK GigBlade 2 for Acoustic Guitar (Black)

Gruv Gear GG-GIGBLADE2-AG-BLK GigBlade 2 for Acoustic Guitar (Black)

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Grab your guitar and go with the amazing new GigBladeā„¢, the most revolutionary gig bag ever designed. Its unique side-carry approach offers the quickest, most practical and user-friendly way to carry your instrument. Staying closer to the ground, it keeps a low center of gravity so it feels more stable and natural. The top never sticks out above your head so you won't have to duck under doorways, and having the bag against your side means it won't bounce on your legs, staying clear out of the way while you walk. Offers both quick load and full clamshell access for ultimate versatility. Simple, intuitive, genius!

  • Ergonomic side-carry approach is the ultimate in convenience.

  • Low center of gravity makes your gear feel like half the weight.

  • Strong 1680D nylon yet lightweight.

  • StrapFlatā„¢ long pocket saves space and helps extend the life of your guitar strap.

  • Adjustable foam bars for a customized fit (optional on Acoustic Guitar model)

  • Removable neck brace doubles as a headrest during string changes and other maintenance.

  • Hybrid case design for world-class protection for your instrument.

  • Top pocket stores up to 4 pedals and large side pocket fits up to a 15"" laptop.

New for GigBlade 2 models:

  • New grippy shoulder strap to prevent slipping

  • Expanding main pocket to hold more gear

  • More ergonomic backpack mode with optional 2nd shoulder strap

  • Weather Cover now included as a standard accessory


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