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Greg Bennet

Greg Bennett FN-55 Electric Bass Guitar Vintage Sunburst

Greg Bennett FN-55 Electric Bass Guitar Vintage Sunburst

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SAMICK FN-55 TR Greg Bennett Design Electric Bass

Greg Bennett Design instruments are designed by Greg Bennett, a luthier known for creating a wide range of guitars and basses. The instruments are often produced by Samick, a Korean musical instrument manufacturer.

Here are some general features you might find on a Greg Bennett Design electric bass, but keep in mind that specifics can vary between models:

Body and Neck:
The body of the bass guitar could be made from various tonewoods, such as basswood, mahogany, or agathis.

Neck materials may include maple or mahogany, and the fingerboard might be rosewood or another hardwood.

Electric bass guitars typically have one or more pickups. The type and configuration of pickups influence the instrument's sound. Common types include single-coil and humbucking pickups.

Bass guitars often feature a control layout that includes volume and tone controls for each pickup. Some models may have additional tone-shaping options or active electronics.

Bridge and Hardware:
The bridge design and hardware can impact playability and sustain. Look for features like adjustable bridges and sturdy, reliable tuning machines.

Scale Length:
The scale length of the bass (the vibrating length of the strings) can affect the feel and tension of the strings.

The finish of the bass can vary. It may be a solid color, a sunburst, or a natural wood finish. The "TR" in the model name could potentially indicate a transparent finish.

Design Aesthetics:
Greg Bennett Design instruments often feature sleek and modern designs. The aesthetics may include unique body shapes and stylish details.

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