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Gemini Audio

Gemini Audio MDJ-500 Professional Media Player

Gemini Audio MDJ-500 Professional Media Player

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Built with Gemini’s flagship technology, the MDJ-500 packs tons of professional features into a compact, cutting-edge media player.  This is perfect for anyone that’s trying to break into modern DJing, as well as the experienced DJ that’s looking for a mobile solution. Thanks to its intuitive interface, you’ll spend less time deciphering and more time experimenting. Creative controls are right at your fingertips with 4 hot cues and auto/manual looping. When used in conjunction with V-CASE, our free library management software, you can prepare your tracks ahead of time so when you are DJing, you can fully focus on your performance. By pulling your prepared beat grids and hot cues from V-CASE, the MDJ-500 allows for total control from a stand-alone player. If you’re looking for a gateway to craft a mix that’s uniquely yours, the MDJ-500 is the best bet.

Modern DJ with Creative Options

Each MDJ-500 comes with 4 programmable hot cues, 8 auto loops, filter effect, and slip and scratch functions.

Control your favorite DJ software

Control directly from the unit with the MIDI connection, and route your audio through its 24-bit/192kHz soundcard.

Vivid Full-Color Visual Feedback

The 4.3-inch full color display screen providing full track information like title, time, bpm and pitch alongside the precise full-size waveform window. Additionally, the screen offers visual feedback for slip mode, hot cues and active loops.

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