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Gator GC335 Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar

Gator GC335 Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar

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Molded ABS Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar Case with Heavy-duty Aluminum Valance, and EPS Foam Plush Interior - Black


Semi-Hollow Style Guitar Case


Deluxe Molded Case for Semi-Hollow Guitars

ABS Hardshell Cases

The GC-335 deluxe molded case is designed to fit Semi-Hollow Guitars. Lined with plush fabric and outfitted with an EPS foam core, the case contours to the shape of the guitar and provides support to all the most delicate areas. The outer shell is molded from ultra-resilient ABS plastic, a semi-flexible material able to absorb impacts and endure the abuse of travel. Heavy-duty aluminum edging ensures a tight fit while lockable latches let you secure the case quickly and easily. For semi-hollow acoustic guitars.

    • Hard Outer Shell Molded from Impact-Resistant ABS Plastic for an Ultra-Durable Exterior
    • EPS Foam and Plush Lining Provide a Protective Interior Safe from Nicks and Scratches
    • Spacious Interior Storage Compartment Offers Secure Hideaways for Capos, Strings, Picks and Accessories
    • Reinforced, Extra Strength Handles, Offer a Firm Grip
    • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Valances Keep the Closure Aligned While Protecting the Outer Edges and Reinforcing the Overall Strength of the Case
    • Chrome Plated Lockable Latches Keep Your Instrument Securely in Place at All Times
    • Designed Semi-Hollow Guitars
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