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DW Drums

DW DWCP6000ULPK 5-Piece 6000 Ultralight Series® Hardware Pack With Bag

DW DWCP6000ULPK 5-Piece 6000 Ultralight Series® Hardware Pack With Bag

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Light Stands for Retro Fans


Drum Hardware Pack with Snare Stand, Hi-hat Stand, 2 Straight Cymbal Stands, and Hardware Bag

Ask any drummer what their least favorite part of the job is, and they'll probably say hauling around gear. Fortunately, the DW 6000 Ultralight Series is saving drummers trips to the stage and injuries from overuse. These retro-styled stands, with their flush bases, look great on vintage sets and club kits. And their lighter-gauge steel tubing provides the utmost in portability - all with the quality you expect from the DW name. The DW 6000 Ultralight hardware pack includes two straight cymbals stands and a vintage cradle-style snare stand. Each of these feature DW's Glide Tilters, which Sweetwater drummers found to be quick and precise. Also included is a Direct Pull Action hi-hat stand that's smooth and stable even with a heavy foot.

DW 6000 Ultralight Series Hardware Pack with Bag Features:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Great retro looks with flush bases
  • Includes 2 cymbal stands (6710UL), a snare stand (6300UL), and a hi-hat stand (6500UL)
  • Snare and cymbals stands feature DW's Glide Tilters for smooth, precise angling
  • Hi-hat stand features a direct-pull action for unwasted motion
  • Black canvas DW hardware bag is durable and compact, with dividers to keep stands from rubbing together
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