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DW Drums

DW DWCP3000PKA 4-piece 3000 Series® Hardware Pack

DW DWCP3000PKA 4-piece 3000 Series® Hardware Pack

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Awesome Drum Hardware Pack from DW


Hardware Pack with Snare Stand, 2 Boom/Straight Cymbal Stands, and Hi-hat Stand

Get your kit set up and ready to rock and swing with this DWCP3000PKA hardware pack from Drum Workshop. This awesome medium-weight pack is designed specifically to outfit any basic drum setup. Included in the pack are two 3700 convertible boom/straight cymbal stands, a 3300 snare stand, and a 3500A 3-leg hi-hat stand — everything you need to get your snare and cymbals up, locked in place, and ready to play.

Rugged hi-hat stand

The 3500A is a ruggedly designed hi-hat stand. Its hinged memory locks at tube joints ensure precise, repeatable height settings every time you set up. The lateral cymbal seat adjustment lets you instantly access your bottom cymbal angle, giving you that subtle yet important tweak to your cymbal placement that improves your attack and your overall performance. The 1-touch clutch also allows you to keep that annoying "sloshyness" at bay and keep your hi-hat firmly in place for the best tone and response possible.

Stellar snare stand

The 3300 snare stand is a no-nonsense stand that features steel double-braced legs for stellar support for any snare. The trimmed-down footprint of this stand also makes it easier to position it in between multi-pedal setups — a feature drummers here at Sweetwater really appreciate.

Cymbal stands you can trust

Your cymbals see a lot of action, and the 3700 convertible straight/boom cymbal stands are built to withstand those long nights of performing. Sturdy double-braced tripod legs offer the kind of support for small, medium, and large cymbals that gives you peace of mind that they will stay in position and be ready for the long haul. And the lighter gauge tubing makes them a great choice for gigging drummers of all musical genres!

DW 3000 Series Hardware Pack Features:

  • Medium-weight hardware pack designed specifically to outfit any basic drum setup
  • 2 x 3700 convertible boom/straight cymbal stands
  • 1 x 3300 snare stand
  • 1 x 3500A 3-leg hi-hat stand
  • Lightweight steel construction for rugged durability and easy transport
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