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DW DWCPMCDXF MCD Machined Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal with Extended Footboard - Polished

DW DWCPMCDXF MCD Machined Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal with Extended Footboard - Polished

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MFG Series Machined Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal with Extended Footboard
Chain-drive Single Bass Drum Pedal with Solid-aluminum Construction, Sprocket-less Cam with Gear Shift Adjustment, Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp, and V.E.R.T. Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment - Polished, Extended Footboard

Chain-drive Pedal Technology at Its Finest

Machined from solid aluminum, the DW MCD Machined Chain Drive bass drum pedal offers you the smooth and precise action of a fully adjustable sprocket-less cam, which lets you quickly shift between popular chain-drive cam settings. Features such as a perforated footboard with contoured heel plate, an interlocking Delta hinge, and a Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp give the MCD the feel and handling of a well-tuned race car. The V.E.R.T. Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment and customizable control beater, which offer adjustable weight/impact and more, all serve to make this one of DW's finest bass drum pedals. Factor in an extended XF longboard for increased range underfoot and plenty of room for slide doubles, and the DW MCD Machined Chain Drive bass drum pedal from Sweetwater offers one of the most primo playing experiences money can buy.

DW quality provides the sound and performance serious drummers demand

For over 30 years, DW has made some of the most revered drums, pedals, stands, and other drum hardware on the market. It all began with an innovative adjustable trap-case seat. Not only was this the first of DW's many breakthrough hardware designs, but it showed the world that they really understand what drumming is all about. On top of that, DW craftsmanship has more than set the bar for drum makers everywhere. Discover this commitment to quality for yourself in every drum and piece of DW hardware you buy.

DW Machined Single Bass Drum Pedal (XF) Features:

  • Machined from solid aluminum for a sleek look and smooth feel
  • Extended XF longboard maximizes range and playing surface
  • Sprocket-less drive cam includes shift lever for switching between cam settings
  • Perforated solid-aluminum footboard with contoured heel plate
  • Interlocking Delta hinge and Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp add stability
  • Tri-Pivot Toe-Clamp is secure yet easy on bass drum hoops
  • V.E.R.T. Vertical Spring Adjustment lets you fine-tune your action
  • Control beater with adjustable weight/impact for the perfect stroke
  • Floating Rotor Drive System
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