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DW Drums

DW DWCP9002PBL 9000 Series Bass Drum Pedal - Left-Handed

DW DWCP9002PBL 9000 Series Bass Drum Pedal - Left-Handed

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DW 9000 Series Lefty Double Bass Drum Pedal w/ Bag
Dual-chain Double Bass Pedal (Left-handed) with Infinte Adjustable Cam, Reversible Beaters, and Included Nylon Straps

Take Your Double Footwork to the Next Level

Looking to take your playing to the next level? DW's 9000 Series DWCP9002PBL left-hand double bass pedal has the customization and response to keep you at the top of your game. The onboard EZ Infinite Adjust cam lets you morph continuously between Accelerator and Turbo modes to access uncharted levels of speed, power, and finesse. You can even switch between the smooth dual-chain drive and whiplike nylon straps (included) for even greater levels of player personalization. You also get DW's reversible two-way SM101 felt/plastic beaters to unlock two distinct sounds to cover all styles of modern and traditional music. Packed with additional 9000 Series premium features such as the ultra-fluid Delta II ball bearing hinge and a free-floating rotor to deliver greater momentum on both the upstroke and downstroke, the DW DWCP9002PBL from Sweetwater is the double pedal of choice for the industry's top left-hand set drummers.

Part of the DW 9000 Series

DW has taken input from the world's top drummers and drum techs and incorporated it into their elite 9000 Series of hardware. In the series, you'll find all the features those drummers and techs have been calling for, including memory locks on the tube joints and the base assembly, plastic tube insulators, infinitely adjustable toothless tilters, large reset handles, secondary tilter locks, cymbal space adjusters, heavy gauge tubing, and more. For the most professional of needs — stage or studio — you can depend DW and their premier 9000 series hardware.

Patented playability

Patented DW features, such as the free-floating rotor-drive system, a floating swivel spring, and an infinitely adjustable cam, help create a more direct transfer of energy in the DWCP9002PBL to optimize the power, speed, and precision. DW 9000 Series Pedals feature an infinite adjustable cam, allowing the pedal to be easily set from Accelerator to Turbo or anywhere in between. The Free-Floating Rotor drive system allows the shaft to turn independently of the rotor, directing energy from the pedal board straight to the beater. The design also uses friction-reducing ball bearings to optimize the already incredibly smooth, gravity-defying action. Looking for luxury? You'll find it in the DW DWCP9002PBL double bass pedal from Sweetwater.

DW DWCP9002PBL Bass Drum Pedal Features:

  • Left-handed 9002 double bass pedal
  • Part of the DW 9000 series of hardware
  • EZ Infinite Adjustable Cam
  • Floating Rotor Cam
  • Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge (U.S. Patent No. 5431081)
  • Single Post Casting Design (U.S. Patent No. 5396826)
  • Precision Universal Assembly
  • Includes a set of DW's SM101 2-way beaters and nylon conversion straps
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