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DW Drums

DW DWCP5000CJDL 5000 Series Direct Link Cajon Pedal

DW DWCP5000CJDL 5000 Series Direct Link Cajon Pedal

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DW 5000 Series Direct Link Cajon Pedal

Your best cajon performance is waiting for you in the DW 5000CJDL. DW's DirectLink linkage assembly and GlideTrack drive give this pedal speed and response that even set players will have no trouble adjusting to. Setup is streamlined and straightforward — rest your cajon on the included platform, mount the beater, tighten the clamp, and you're ready to roll with the DW 5000CJDL. Swappable flat and radiused soft beaters are safe for your cajon's faceplate and succeed in pulling a warm, round tone out of your instrument. Best of all, with three linkage lengths to choose from and an adjustable tension spring, you can further customize your setup and playing experience with the 5000 Series DW 5000CJDL from JubalStore.

DW's industry-leading pedal performance

The 5000CJDL cajon pedal takes advantage of DW's industry-leading performance advancements:

  • DW's GlideTrack drive promises direct-drive speed and response
  • DirectLink linkage assembly maximizes energy transfer between the pedal and beater
  • Included cajon platform provides a stable pedal base and protects your instrument
  • Three linkage lengths customize setup and playing response
  • Telescoping beater hub positions your beater in the sweet spot
  • Two-way soft beater with flat and radiused surfaces pull a warm, full tone out of your instrument
  • Adjustable tension spring is accessible from performance position

DW 5000CJDL DirectLink Cajon Pedal Features:

  • Direct-drive cajon pedal from DW
  • Offset design permits natural cajon performance
  • Lightning-fast speed and response
  • Sensitive to dynamics
  • Instrument-safe soft beater delivers a warm, round tone
  • Custom setup and response through 3 linkage lengths and adjustable tension spring
  • Includes carry bag for safe, convenient storage and transit
*Cajon not included; sold separately
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