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DW Drums

DW DWCP2000RA 2000 Series Right Angle Single Bass Drum Pedal

DW DWCP2000RA 2000 Series Right Angle Single Bass Drum Pedal

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DW 2000 Series Right Angle Bass Drum Pedal
Offset Kick Pedal with Right-angle Soft Beater, Nylon Strap Drive, and Offset Toe Clamp

Offset Kick Pedal with Right-angle Beater and Clamp

The DWCP2000RA is perfect for any percussion application β€” cajon, tambourine, and more β€” where a performer might need a high-performance offset at a great price. This US-engineered, all-metal kick pedal from the DW 2000 Series features a steel base plate and an offset clamp to lock onto offset percussion and cajon mounts. Its linear-action cam and nylon strap drive a right-angle, large-format soft beater to deliver a smooth playing response and a large, round tone. If you're looking for an affordable right-angle pedal with DW's pedigreed performance and build quality, percussionists at Sweetwater highly recommend the DWCP2000RA.

DW 2000 Right-angle Kick Pedal Features:

  • Offset pedal with right-angle beater and clamp
  • Perfect for cajon, tambourine, and auxiliary percussion
  • All-metal, US-engineered design
  • Linear-action cam and nylon strap provide a smooth playing response
  • Large-format soft beater delivers a large, round tone
  • Adjustable beater angle
  • Integrated drum key clip
  • Pedigreed DW performance and quality
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