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BluGuitar TwinCab 2x12" 150-watt Closed Back Speaker Cabinet

BluGuitar TwinCab 2x12" 150-watt Closed Back Speaker Cabinet

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BluGuitar Logo150-watt, 16-ohm, 2x12" Closed-back Cabinet with BluGuitar BG12-S Speakers

This compact 2x12" cabinet is equally suitable for use with classic 100 watt tops, lunchbox amps and the BluGuitar® AMP1™ Mercury Edition or Iridium Edition thanks to its horizontal and vertical positioning and the rotating logo. The compact design and the low weight of less than 20 kg allow comfortable transport with only one hand.  bluguitar_product-twincab-horizontal_front-cropped

 bluguitar_product-twincab-vertical_front-cropped  The mono and stereo usable and with up to 150 watts loadable cabinet comes in a robust, lined protective cover. The TWINCAB is characterized by accurate basses, warm and full mids and soft highs with balanced dispersion characteristics: The closed construction with dual port, i.e. two bass reflex ports on the front side, gives the cabinet an extra portion of low end, and the Basket Weave provides silky highs.

The two types of placement allow two different sound characteristics with either more bass (horizontal orientation) or more midrange (vertical orientation). The BG-12 Special speaker, developed especially for the TWINCAB, was harmoniously matched to the stiffened birch multiplex housing.  bluguitar_product-twincab-back-cropped

Technical Data:

Type: 2x12“ closed back
Power: mono 150 W, stereo 2 x 75 W
Impedance: 16 ohms mono, 2 x 8 ohms stereo
Speaker: 2 x 12" BluGuitar BG12-S Speaker, Rear Loaded
Housing: birch multiplex, extremely stiffened 
Tolex: Black Levant
Front grille: black Basket Weave
Weight: 19,8 kg
Dimensions: 400 mm x 750 mm x 330 mm
Connections: 1 x mono in, 1 x input left, 1 x input right (6.3 mm jack)
Special Features: losed, straight construction, dual port (two bass reflex ports in front for more low end), incl. protective cover

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