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BluGuitar BluBOX VSC Professional Impulse-Response-Speaker Simulator

BluGuitar BluBOX VSC Professional Impulse-Response-Speaker Simulator

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BluGuitar LogoProfessional Impulse-Response-Speaker simulation

Electric guitarists looking for the perfect way to mike up for live or for recording now have one of the simplest and most workable solutions available: the BluBOXā„¢ VSC is a professional impulse-response speaker simulation in DI box form with a virtual collection of the best and most legendary speaker cabinets of all time. It is a first-class sounding sound solution for direct connection of any guitar amplifier to a PA or recording console.Ā  bluguitar_product-blubox-front-cropped

bluguitar_product-blubox-side-croppedĀ  Using state-of-the-art convolution technology, which, in contrast to analog technology, can accurately reproduce the acoustic complexity of loudspeakers and the tonal variety and uniqueness of different cabinets, Thomas Blug collected impulse responses with different microphones and microphone positions for selected loudspeaker cabinets and combined them in the form of 16 virtual cabinet models in a robust and practical housing.

The handling is easy and intuitive: Just choose your favorite speaker, optimize the sound character with the mic position control - done! The extremely low latency of less than one millisecond provides a real analog playing feel.

Whether on stage or in the studio - wherever sounds full of character are to be recorded at the highest level, the BluBOXā„¢ VSC is an indispensable tool - no matter if you work with a speaker cabinet or not.Ā  bluguitar_product-blubox-bruchure-croppedĀ 

Guitar cabinets:Ā Ā 

  • NANOCABā„¢:Ā Ā BluGuitarĀ® 1x12ā€œĀ 
  • FATCABā„¢:Ā Ā BluGuitarĀ® 1x12ā€œĀ 
  • STACK 1965:Ā Ā Original MarshallĀ® 4x12ā€CelestionĀ® (Alnico 15 watts)Ā 
  • STACK 1967:Ā Ā Original ParkĀ® 4x12ā€ CelestionĀ® (Greenback 25 watts)Ā 
  • STACK 1970:Ā Ā Original MarshallĀ® 4x12ā€ CelestionĀ® (Greenback 25 watts, 55 Hz)Ā 
  • STACK 1971:Ā Ā Original MarshallĀ® 4x12ā€ CelestionĀ® (G12H30)Ā 
  • STACK 1980:Ā Ā Original MarshallĀ® 4x12ā€ CelestionĀ® (G12H75)Ā 
  • METAL V30:Ā Ā Mesa/BoogieĀ® Rectiļ¬erĀ® Standard 4x12ā€ CelestionĀ® V30Ā 
  • METAL CL80:Ā Ā CelestionĀ® Classic Lead 80 in custom built 4x12ā€ cabinetĀ 
  • JAZZ 120:Ā Ā RolandĀ® Jazz ChorusĀ® 120Ā 
  • TWEED 1x12:Ā Ā Vintage Ā“57 FenderĀ® Tweed DeluxeĀ®Ā 
  • SILVER 1x12:Ā Ā FenderĀ® PrincetonĀ® Silverface 1x12ā€œĀ 
  • BLACK 2x10:Ā Ā FenderĀ® Ā“64 VibroverbĀ® 2x10ā€œĀ 
  • BLACK 2x12:Ā Ā Vintage FenderĀ® Twin ReverbĀ® 2x12ā€ Orange JBLĀ® mixed with JensenĀ® C12KĀ 
  • BLACK 4x10:Ā Ā Vintage 60s FenderĀ® Super ReverbĀ® 4x10ā€œĀ 
  • BLUE 2x12:Ā Ā Original VoxĀ® AC30 JMIĀ® 2x12ā€ CelestionĀ® Blue BulldogĀ Ā 

All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Such product names and trademarks in this document were used during the development of BluBox but are in no way associated or affiliated with BluGuitar GmbH.

Technical Data:

Poduct type: DI-Box in pedal form
Effect type: Speaker and microphone emulator
Switching: Cab Type (16 cabinet models), Mic Position, Ground Lift, High/Low (input sensitivity)
Connections: Line In, Line Out, Speaker In, Speaker Through (all 1/4 inch), Transformer balanced XLR Mic Out
Conversion: 24 Bit
Voltage: 9V-12V, DC, 300mA
Dimensions: 120 x 95 x 38 mm
Weight: 350g / 12.35oz
Latency: Ultra low latency: ~ 1 ms, corresponds to a distance from the cabinet of about 30 cm

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