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BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium Edition 100-watt Pedalboard Amp with Nanotube

BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium Edition 100-watt Pedalboard Amp with Nanotube

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BluGuitar Logo4-channel, 100-watt Guitar Amplifier Head with Nanotube, 3 Distortion Channel Modes, Boost, Reverb, Noise Gate, Effects Loop, Speaker Output, and Cabinet-emulated Line Output
Bluguitar Amp1 IridiumThis unique high-gain amp in a pedal-format delivers tight, characterful sounds, and it is the perfect combination of real tube tone and 100 watts of power in an unrivaled compact and lightweight format. In cooperation with experienced, international metal guitarists, BluGuitar founder and professional guitarist Thomas Blug has developed this amp from the ground up, and, unlike the acclaimed AMP1 Mercury Edition, he voiced the AMP1 Iridium Edition uncompromisingly towards modern metal.  bluguitar_product-amp1_iridium_edition-front-cropped

 bluguitar_product-amp1_iridium_edition-side-cropped  Three independent overdrive channels deliver rich and tight distortion sounds that can be changed in gain structure and timbre. Each of these channels offers different kinds of attack, response and dynamics. The modern CLEAN channel with massive headroom and treble reserves delivers transparent sparkling clean sounds, even in conjunction with mid-heavy humbuckers.

The revolutionary Nanotube technology, which is in no way inferior to classic tube amps in terms of sound and feel, power and character, has already set a new standard for guitar amps in AMP1 Mercury Edition. As with the best metal amps, the AMP1 Iridium Edition's specially tuned metal current feedback loop reacts with both the speaker and the Nanotube power amp to deliver the ultimate punch and tight metal low-end.

The concept with a switchable and adjustable boost, reverb, three integrated foot switches and a first-class speaker simulation for recording applications leaves nothing to be desired.   bluguitar_product-amp1_iridium_edition-back-cropped.

Technical Data

Channels: 4 channels: Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern
Output power: 100 watts / 50 watts (Half Power Mode)
Effects: Boost, Reverb (programmable), 2-stage Noise Gate
FX loop Loops: serial/parallel, +4/-10dB switchable, programmable
Switching: clean/overdrive, boost, reverb / alternatively: 3 user presets
MIDI: optional with MIDI1 adapter
Special Features: Custom Controls, 2nd Master*, PowerSoak*, programmable switching functions*
Speaker Out: 1 x 8 Ω, 1 x 16 Ω
Recording Out: Phones Out, (switchable) Recording Out, Silent Recording
Voltage: AC 100-240V
Dimensions: 245 x 68 x 192 mm
Weight: 1,2 kg / 2lb
Scope of delivery: Carrying bag, Power cord


*: optional with REMOTE1 or external MIDI controller and MIDI1

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