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Ashdown Engineering

Ashdown Studio 15 1x15" 300-watt Bass Combo Amp

Ashdown Studio 15 1x15" 300-watt Bass Combo Amp

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Ashdown Engineering Logo300-watt, 1-channel, Solid-state, 1x15" Bass Combo Amplifier with Passive/Active Switch, Headphone Output, 5-band EQ, FX Loop, DI Output, and Footswitchable Overdrive - Black



Introducing the Ashdown Studio 15, the epitome of innovation for bass players seeking both portability and unparalleled tone. Weighing in at an astonishing 11.2kg (24.6lbs), this amp is engineered from the ground up to be your ideal companion, delivering heavyweight tone and versatility synonymous with the Ashdown brand. 

The Studio 15 features a custom lightweight 15" NEO speaker that effortlessly churns out 300 watts of premium Ashdown sound. Its comprehensive list of features includes foot-switchable valve emulated overdrive, an XLR DI output, FX loop, headphone out, 5-band EQ, and Line In connectivity, offering unparalleled flexibility for your sound. 

Designed not only for practice and rehearsals but also for small to medium gigs, this super lightweight combo combines power and portability like never before. Its robust construction, featuring heavy-duty tolex and chrome metal corners, ensures that the Studio 15 remains protected and stylish for years to come. 

Straight out of the box, the Studio 15 offers exceptional tonal control, thanks to its 5-band EQ. Constructed using super lightweight poplar ply and a 15" NEO speaker, it cuts down the weight while preserving the signature Ashdown warmth and articulation.

In summary, the Ashdown Studio 15 is the ultimate choice for bassists who demand both performance and convenience. It's time to experience a new era of bass amplification.


  • Weight - 11.7kgs (25.7lbs)
  • Size(mm) - H-558 W-457 D-368
  • 5 Band EQ - Bass, Low Mid, Middle, Hi-Mid Treble
  • 1 x 15" Ashdown Speaker + HF Unit
  • Pre Shape
  • Tweeter Mute Switch
  • Valve Emulated Drive
  • Line Input
  • Headphone Out
  • XLR DI Output
  • Footswitchable Drive
    Ashdown studio 15 combo pre gain, drive, bass, lo-mid middle and hi mid controls
Heavy duty tolex and chrome metal corners will keep the Studio 15 protected and looking stylish for years to come.
Ashdown studio 15 combo middle, hi mid and volume controls next to di and headphone sockets
The Studio 15 has everything you need to establish great tone straight out of the box, with the EQ set at 12 O’clock the NEW Studio Range sounds as you would expect from an Ashdown, warm yet articulate.

Ashdown studio 15 combo close up of silver grill and leather handle
Constructed using super lightweight poplar ply and a lightweight 15" NEO speaker the Studio 15 really does cut the weight but not the tone.
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